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    Login controls in

    I am fresher in development field. Up till now I only develop desktop applications in visual basic 6.0. This year I am going to learn new language as My teachers give me one project to develop in But since I am not much familiar with I don’t know about functionality offered by him. Every software has his starting page as log in page. In VB6.0 there are no other alternatives available except manually writing all business logic it was really painful work for me. I want to know is there any facility available in, so that there is no need to write hell amount of code for log in pages.

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    Re: Login controls in

    Yes! There are tools which allows you to perform all operation related to log in without writing single line of code related to business logic as well as connectivity statements and error checking and many more. These tools are group together in Login controls inside the toolbox of First one is log in control which responsible for providing log in view for end user. Log in control use one special kind of service to verify users of your system and that system is named as membership service. It will supply you ready made composite tool which has all many individual controls. .net also enables you to change look and fill of the control by performing simple click event. Really login controls simplifies basic procedure of writing code for Log in you just have to play with properties of these controls.

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    Re: Login controls in

    The LoginView control robotically detects a user's authentication status and role that he played in current system it could be administrator staff or student and matches with information templates available in The LoginView control has a set of templates that can be connected with an authentication status. Authentication status may be related with one or more people. I want to clear one thing in your mind is that log in view is not an master page it is just one control that checks the role of login person in your developed system. I advice you to use this control only if your system has more than one type of users.

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    Re: Login controls in

    The Change Password control provides the functionality to confirm a user's pre-existing password before continue the process of password changing. It than changes the pass word of pre-existing user and send email to related user. Log in control also enables you to create a new user by accepting all relevant information related to him using the control called createuserwizard. Password recovery is one more tool available which returns password to existing users who forgot their password. Loginstatus is one more tool available in which helps the developer to fetch all information related to log in person like his username and all that.

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    Re: Login controls in

    Good thinking my friend. Your guessing is write there are options available in which frees you from writing hell amount of code for login pages of software. There is a procedure available in to create your own controls which are suitable for your business logic. The advantage of using this control is you need to write code associated with particular control only once. For example say if you want to create a textbox which accepts only prime numbers that textbox and associated with it you had to write once on that control is placed in the list of user controls you can use it anytime in future just like build in controls available in

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