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    Localization vs Globalization in

    I am third year computer science student. According to our syllabus this year we have to develop one web site with front end language as But I stuck around one issue that is I want to give language indecency to all my website users. Without relying on browser settings is it possible to give such facility to all my website users. Is there any concept exists in which helps me to provide this facility.

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    Re: Localization vs Globalization in

    It was really a fantastic thinking. Provide user facility to interact your site in their own language will definitely increase the number of visitors of your site. You can give this facility to users using the local variables which you can add in your project after your GUI is complete. When you complete your GUI go to tools, there you find an option as generate local variable. Click on this option this will generate one file at solution explorer having extension as “.resx “ file under “App_Localresource ” Folder. In that file you can see one “datagridview” having columns like name of particular control, value corresponding to that label and comment. In that in “gridview” section Write in language that you want to display like Chinese, Japanese etc. after doing that create one “culture” variable and the name of object in which you previously stored the value coming from particular control that you used to users to change the language. Culture variable is responsible for applying all the changes related to language to whole page. This all process is known as Localization.

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    Re: Localization vs Globalization in

    You can make visitors to interact with your site in their preferred language using the concept of globalization. For a need to perform globalization you need make an object of UIculture. Uiculture is an object responsible for storing the language preferences. Ones you create object of uiculture then add resource file in your solution. This file automatically stored in solution explorer under “App_globalresource” folder. After opening the file you will get a table containing name and value pair and comment in first two colums add key and value that you want to display on the screen. You can make copies of this file for multiple languages. And for applying them to all controls text property write following line instead of putting there any value.

    <%$ Resources:[filename prefix,]resource-key %>

    In above syntax filename means the name of file that you created first. prefix means name and key is that one you mentioned in the table under resource file.

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    Re: Localization vs Globalization in

    You can make your web site supportable to every Language using the concepts of Localization and Globalization. You just need to clear on idea that whether you are using localization or you want to use globalization. If you know the type and no. of visitors off your site, than I suggest you to go for the concept of localization and if you not concern about your visitors that from which country they belongs to , then I suggest you to go for the concept of globalization. in both of these concepts only two objects plays an important role they are culture and uIculture which are responsible for storing preferences regarding languages.

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