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    Page life cycle in

    I am fresher in website development field and I want to know how code written in coding session executed on remote server and how controls and page is rendered from server side to client side. Tell me exactly, the procedure of generating and displaying page from server side to client side is there many steps involved. I am keen to the answer of this question after all this is my first step in

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    Re: Page life cycle in

    I appreciate you. I never see such kind of interest from anybody from development field who likes to know such small thing also. Answer is, when user clicks on button or select some items from drop-down list box that time one event is occurred called post back event. When post back event is occurred entire page is submitted to server side in the HTML format. When page reached at server side, pages life cycle event is occurred and according to event code written on particular controls event is executed.

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    Re: Page life cycle in

    Page life cycle includes number of events which are as follows :-
    • Preinit
    • init
    • initcomplete
    • prerender
    • render
    • preload
    • load
    • loadcomplete
    • unload.

    These events are mainly responsible for executing code written in coding section and after executing entire code page is rendered on client side.

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    Re: Page life cycle in

    Page life cycle is generally occurs to perform step by step breaking of page contain so that they turn to be very easy to travel from server to client and client to server without giving too much load on connection or bandwidth used for connection. In simple language say the only purpose of page life cycle is preventing the load on band-width. All code whatever you written in coding section is executed by child process DLL which working under IIs server on remote server from whom you are accessing you web site.

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