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Thread: PhpBB vs MyBB

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    PhpBB vs MyBB

    I am getting confused about the PhpBB vs MyBB. Many of my friends told me about the MyBB and also it is easy to install. But the fact is that I am not having much knowledge about the MyBB (though have bit ideas about PhpBB). I am sure that someone from your side must have an experience about this things. Please provide some suggestions for me that could be useful. I am believing that you members will help me soon.

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    Re: PhpBB vs MyBB

    It is for me MyBB, highly configurable, user-friendly administration panel and is next to vBulletin which is better SEO. You are free and navigation made MyBB forums is simple, apart from having things arranged interaction without being annoying, as surveys in the sidebars and more (or tell them what they are annoying to find that every time that web forums enter a part tells you that answer). So yes, I do not take that the rest are good, but this is the most distributed free, is lightweight (5 megs) and there are hundreds of plug-ins varied in their official forum, all free downloads.

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    Re: PhpBB vs MyBB

    So yes, I do not take that the rest are good, but this is the most distributed free, is lightweight (5 megs) and there are hundreds of plug-ins varied in their official forum, all free downloads.
    But it is my opinion, there are many "best", but among "the best" I prefer MyBB, and SMF as named above, has few mods for the new version so that you resign for an old .. and good vBulletin, or tell you how unstable is instead any free forum is much more stable. ALWAYS use free systems for your website as CuteNews, PHPNews, MyBB, Joomla, Drupal. In short, the best in the cms is free software.

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    Re: PhpBB vs MyBB

    You can not say that a forum is better over another, all have their pros and cons, if not, would not exist so much. The 3 systems are good forums with active development. I always use phpBB for several reasons, and I am trying to explain the same. Script most used forums in the world with the larger community. The collection of themes and mods is huge compared to the rest of the forums. Security and stability. phpBB is a project "mature" as it were so, it takes several years of development, and today is a reliable software package extremely. Not long ago was diagnosed with major security flaw. Lightweight and light. Integrates with most of the free CMS (and has several own CMS, which work directly on the existing economic structure of phpbb, saving the need for bridges). Extensive documentation both for normal users and developers. The most comprehensive development API I've seen, with examples and guides to elbow your own modifications. From the standpoint of design and refused, without doubt the lead. It has a very neat and tidy code, anyone with minimal knowledge of php can create their own mods. Easy design themes. Customize our own themes is quite simple, the default theme (prosilver) has a clean code and very easy to understand. No need to know php to make the themes, as it uses a template engine. With only a little knowledge of html and css you can create your own customizable styles.

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    Re: PhpBB vs MyBB

    With regard to SMF, several issues have to be considered. SMF distribute not under any version of the GPL license, has its own license, and causes problems and conflicts with other software package you want to use (eg CMS). Because of this, smf does not develop and does not support any bridges for safe cms mambo. The code is not as clean and clear, and the development documentation is not nearly as complete as phpbb. The variety of themes and mods available for SMF, while good, can not be compared with that of phpbb. The main advantage of SMF on phpbb, is the ease of installation of mods. In phpbb is a bit more cumbersome (notice I said no cumbersome and difficult) because you have to edit the code by hand (no need to know PHP or anything, but it is find and replace lines of code with any text editor)

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    Re: PhpBB vs MyBB

    About MyBB much I can not tell because I have not used it enough to give an honest opinion, however what I have observed is that is that of the 3 you listed, is the one with the smallest and Comundo the least amount of mods / themes, this maybe because it is a relatively newer, hopefully over time grow more. After about payment systems and vBullettin and IPBOARD, I'll give you a big NO. Not worth the money, or using pirated licenses for such systems forums. Vbulletin is a headache you look at it, be so hard to create themes or mods, as for everyday use (with a good amount of visitors, the use of the database is huge, it is extremely heavy.) Not to mention if you want to make your mods or themes. IPBOARD is visually more attractive, because it is the only one that really implements the 2.0 design concepts, systems of payments is the only one that I consider worthwhile.

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