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Thread: Basics of WMLScript Programming

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    Basics of WMLScript Programming

    WMLScript is a case-sensitive programming. How many script languages / programming it provides data types, arithmetic operations, control structures, standard function libraries, etc. available to the structured programming can make one. WMLScript files should not be involved in WML, as one example of JavaScript it know that you can install the HTML source code in. WMLScript always in separate file implements are a must. Calling WMLScript is via functions in the WML document. WMLScript files such as WML files plain ASCII text files and can therefore be any simple text editor to create and edit. The file extension of a WMLScript file is always wmls.

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    Re: Basics of WMLScript Programming

    A WMLScript file is a collection of different WMLScript functions. They call a WMLScript file therefore Compilation Unit. The following provides information on the possible in WMLScript arithmetic operators:
    • x + y - Addition of numbers / appending strings
    • x - y - Subtraction
    • x * y - Multiplication
    • x / y - Division
    • x% y - Remainder of the division (modulo)
    • x div y - integer division
    • -X - negative
    • + X - positive
    • - X - Pre-Decrement
    • x - Post-decrement
    • + + X - Pre-Increment
    • x + + - Post-increment

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    Re: Basics of WMLScript Programming

    Before you can use variables in WMLScript, must declare it. Since WMLScript variables in particular data type are not, they must be made known to the var keyword with only. There are no keywords like int or float, as other programming languages you know her. The function declaration can be made at any point. The variable name must follow certain conventions:
    • The name must start with a lowercase or uppercase letters.
    • The name can not contain special characters like _,! etc.,
    • The name may not already be a reserved word in WMLScript.
    • The name may not be used twice within a function.

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    Re: Basics of WMLScript Programming

    Variables can be initialized to a value at declaration. If a variable is not initialized, but have been declared, it contains the empty string. It can use variables in a single var statement declares several, and if desired, can also be initialized. The scope of a variable extends to the entire function in which it is declared -. It is not only restricted to {and} blocks, as one example of C + + knows that. In the Integer data type positive and negative integers to be understood. These have a fixed range of values from minint = -2147483648 = MAXINT 2147483647th to Listed are integers with a sequence of numbers from 0 to 9, with leading 0 is not allowed one. It will float under the floating-point data type.

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    Re: Basics of WMLScript Programming

    Under the data type string means the string of characters to the Unicode encoding. Such strings are in single quotes or quotes "trapped". The Boolean data type has two constants, which reflect the true value. First, it is the constant true as true, on the other hand, the constant false is wrong. This data type represents a particular data type dar. It has the constant value invalid, value for variables or operations may constitute the invalid. Then 0 is invalid as the division by rated. WMLScript variables have no fixed types. It depends on the contents of the variable. In order to determine at run-time but can, what data type a variable is, can be determined using typeof (...) with. The return value from typeof (...) is a code for a data type is representative.At run time can be checked whether an expression valid or invalid. This is done by using isvalid with (...). The return value of isvalid (...) is a logical value (true or false), the information on the validity of the expression.

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