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Thread: How to Enable ODBC support in PHP under Apache

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    How to Enable ODBC support in PHP under Apache

    I require some information of how can I enable ODBC support in PHP in Apache. Actually if I say truly than I am completely new user of apache. So I don’t have any idea of it. So anyone have some points or some notes or some information which help me to understand apache and which solve my problem as I mention above. Please help me by simply giving some information. Thank you in advance for any upcoming help…..

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    Re: How to Enable ODBC support in PHP under Apache

    As you say that you are new in this so here is some information related to your topic which must help you to solve your query. This is simply about making ODBC support in PHP work beneath Apache and especially with Easysoft ODBC drivers. Easysoft have tested your ODBC drivers with Apache and PHP. Due to the lengthy past or you can say long history of Apache and PHP releases, there are a lot of special ways to build or install them with ODBC support. I just have attempted to document these techniques with the most well-liked first.

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    Re: How to Enable ODBC support in PHP under Apache

    While I searching something on net I just found some information related to your topic and I like this topic too. Therefore I just go through that information. So here I like to share it with you. Just take a look on this: Apache 2 runs in a hybrid procedure method on whichever platform that supports both threads and procedures. While running multi-threaded you require making use of a thread safe OOB distribution and you are directed to build PHP with the Unix ODBC driver manager built-in with OOB. Thread-safe OOB distributions are those having "-mt" in the allocation or distribution filename. If you are structure PHP for Apache 2 always be certain you adjust the instructions below which identify with -apxs to with -apxs2.
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    Re: How to Enable ODBC support in PHP under Apache

    There are many thing is there about your problem or I can say that for your information. I also have some ODBC information. Which I defiantly helpful for you in this query and in future too, so just go through this notes or information related to ODBC. In calculation to standard ODBC support, the Unified ODBC functions in PHP permits you to access numerous databases which have borrowed the semantics of the ODBC API to implement their own API. In its place of keeping various and numerous database drivers which were each and every one nearly the same, these drivers have been incorporated into a particular set of ODBC functions.

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    Re: How to Enable ODBC support in PHP under Apache

    I have some ODBC functions which helps you in many place while you working in PHP. So just take a look at this ODBC functions:
    1. odbc_autocommit — which Toggle auto commit behavior
    2. odbc_binmode — managing of binary column data
    3. odbc_close_all — Close every ODBC connections
    4. odbc_close — Close an ODBC connection
    5. odbc_exec — Arrange and carry out an SQL declaration
    6. odbc_execute — Execute a prepared statement
    7. odbc_fetch_array — Fetch a result row as an associative array
    8. odbc_fetch_into — Fetch one result row into array
    9. odbc_fetch_object — Fetch a result row as an object
    10. odbc_fetch_row — Fetch a row
    11. odbc_gettypeinfo — Retrieves information about data types supported by the data source
    12. odbc_longreadlen — Handling of LONG columns
    13. odbc_next_result — Checks if multiple results are available
    14. odbc_num_fields — Number of columns in a result
    15. odbc_num_rows — Number of rows in a result
    16. odbc_pconnect — Open a persistent database connection
    17. odbc_prepare — Prepares a statement for execution
    18. odbc_primarykeys — Gets the primary keys for a table
    19. odbc_procedurecolumns — Retrieve information about parameters to procedures
    20. odbc_procedures — Get the list of procedures stored in a specific data source
    21. odbc_result_all — Print result as HTML table
    22. odbc_result — Get result data

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    Re: How to Enable ODBC support in PHP under Apache

    I have something which may help you to testing ODBC in PHP. This part will demonstrate you about how you test ODBC in PHP under Apache. It assumes you have:
    1. Built or installed Apache and PHP using any of the techniques.
    2. Installed an Easysoft ODBC driver.
    3. You installed the Unix ODBC driver manager which comes with the Easysoft ODBC driver or separately.
    The primary and mainly significant step is to confirm the ODBC driver is installed appropriately and you have created or tested the ODBC data source (DSN).

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