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Thread: Issues While Programming In C With GCC?

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    Issues While Programming In C With GCC?

    I have been using C programming for the software development and also for generating various tools through which the functioning in the computer can be easy. And also have been using the GDB for viewing the assembly language. but recently while doing so I came up with an error showing that their are some missing components called the debuginfos, and it says me to use the debuginfo-install glibc.i686. Where can I install this software and what is basically this software called.

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    Re: Issues While Programming In C With GCC?

    The error that is being displayed called the dubuginfo-install is called to be a program that can be used for the download and then installed for the debugging information that you need for the case of C library.
    At the terminal you got to run a code that is given below:
    debuginfo-install glibc.i686
    And by running this program it should run the glibc debugging library for you. And it can be done by using the Distro's package manager.
    After that you need to install the debuginfo-install glibc.i686 if it is not installed properly.

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    Re: Issues While Programming In C With GCC?

    The other option is that you can solve it by typing the below given words that should be wrttien in the terminal of the code:
    rpm yum-utils
    debuginfo-install glibc
    And always perform all this act by using through the root.
    If your not using the root then it's not gonna work for you. Because root keeps the tracks of all the files and also helps in the modification and changing a particular file in the system.

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    Re: Issues While Programming In C With GCC?

    By the above solution the problem has been solved but I wanted to know the information of the GCC files and also about the information of the GDB. I don't know what is the actual use of all this term in the programming of the C. And the solution that you have given to me will be faster to read the code and to figure out what is the problem with the crash of the system. And also all this commands were working for the RPM based system like Red Hat or Fedora.

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    Re: Issues While Programming In C With GCC?

    GCC is called the GNU Compiler Collection which is included in the front-ends of C, C++, Fortran, Java, and Ada, and also for the related library files. GCC was considered to be originally written as the compiler type for the GNU operating system. The GNU system was developed in such a way so that it could be available for free, free in the sense that it can be called as the free software.
    It strives to provide us with the regular, high quality releases, which we need to work well on a variety types of native and cross targets in which Linux can also be added in the GCC.

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    Re: Issues While Programming In C With GCC?

    And for the GDB is called to be the GNU Project debugger which allows you to see what is going inside an another program while it executes
    and also what another program was doing at the moment when it got crashed.
    Their are four Main functionality of GDB that can be used to catch bugs:
    1. At the beginning Start your program, then you got to specify anything that might affect its behavior.
    2. Then make your program to stop on the conditions that are going to be specified .
    3. After that you got to examine what has happened, and when your program has been stopped.
    4. Then you have to make certain changes in your program, so that you can try out with correcting the effects of one bug in a file
    5. and then go on to learn about some another bug.

    And GDB can be made run on to most popular UNIX and Microsoft Windows variants.

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