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Thread: How to copy the specific file using “dd” command

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    How to copy the specific file using “dd” command

    I using an HCL Me laptop with various partition and running on different operating systems. All this partitions are occupied by data. Now I wanted to copy the specific data from the first partition to another hard disk and from other partitions to the first partition. If anyone knows how to copy a specific part of the hard drive to another drive using dd command then please tell me. Any suggestions will appreciate. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: How to copy the specific file using “dd” command

    Here I have given you some command follow those to copy the contents of your hard drive to another. Suppose your first hard drive name is /dev/sda1 and another hard disk name is /dev/sdb1, then to copy the content from the first drive to second drive give this command “dd if=/dev/sda1 of=/dev/sdb1.” In the following command “if” represents the source and “of” represents destination for the coping the files. When copying the files from one hard drive to another “dd” just read the bytes from the first partition and writes them to the second partition and vice versa.
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    Re: How to copy the specific file using “dd” command

    I think you should try "cat" command instead of "dd" command, because I think cat command will be easy to run and understand for you. Using this command you can copy from the source drive sda and then, paste to the adb. But for that first you have to copy all the partitions to sdb1. After copying all the partition run this command to copy to the target location.
    • cat /dev/adb1 >> /dev/sdb1
    • cat /dev/adb2 >> /dev/sdb1
    • cat /dev/adb3 >> /dev/sdb1
    • cat /dev/adb4 >> /dev/sdb1

    Try out this command to copy the files.

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    Re: How to copy the specific file using “dd” command

    I have gone through your question and I have found this command to create the image same as copying the file.
    For that mount /dev/sdb1 to another location using this command
    • mount

    Then run this command for create the image of sda2 and will paste to the sdb1 and the name will be the default like sda2.img.
    • dd

    I hope this information may help you.

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