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Thread: Where can I find Borland C++

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    Where can I find Borland C++

    I intend to learn some programming and borrowed a book titled "C++ and object-oriented programming." After reading a few pages it says that I should download something called "Borland C++. The problem is that I can not find a place where I can download this program. Can anyone give me a link to place where I can download it?

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    Re: Where can I find Borland C++

    Borland C++ is not a free tool. Moreover, it is acquired by a company called Embarcadero and therefore it is now called Embarcadero C++ Builder. You can purchase it from Embarcadero website. C++Builder XE is available in Professional, Enterprise and Architect editions.

    C++Builder XE Key Features:

    * Integrated ANSI/ISO C++ tools with draft C++0x support RAD IDE with fast drag-and-drop design
    * Integrated Boost and TR1 libraries
    * Over 500 visual controls
    * Built-in touch and gesturing support
    * dbExpress with support for 9 major databases
    * DataSnap n-tier middleware servers with JSON, REST, HTTP, HTTPS, COM, and XML
    * Target Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7 from single source
    * Centralized license management and tool deployment with Embarcadero ToolCloud
    * Integrated tool chest for performance profiling and build automation
    * Subversion integration for source code management
    * Cloud deployment to Amazon EC2 and work with Windows Azure cloud data storage
    * Access to previous C++Builder versions (6, 2007-2010) included

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    Re: Where can I find Borland C++

    Is there any specific reason why you need such an old compiler although there are others available (some being free)? If Borland C++ is not an important for you than I would suggest you to check out over internet for something that is little more contemporary. It will save your time and effort down the road. I would suggest to go for Turbo C++. It combines C++ compiler and integrated development environment (IDE) and is a recommended for a newbie to programming. For suggestion, here is a thread that explains how to install Turbo C++.

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    Re: Where can I find Borland C++

    It is fine to start with C++ as a first language. But the book that you have is not the best one. The book does not teaches you anything about the standard C++, and you will therefore find it difficult to compile the code in many cases. Borland C++ is very strange, and I would discourage you to learn the accent, when you, after what I can see, have nothing to gain from it at all. Accelerated C++ is a good beginners book, and teaches you proper standard C++ in a good way. You can even go with "Programming in ANSI C" by E Balagurusamy. To know about this book, check out this thread: Programming in ANSI C.

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    Re: Where can I find Borland C++

    I don't think Borland C++ is so worst. You can still use it as a standard C/C++ compiler or as an advanced component-oriented development (RAD - Rapid Application Development) platform. You can also choose the C/C++ for standard use. Some older, but usable version of the compiler is freely available online. You can easily find free versions of Borland C++ 5.5 and/or Borland C++ Builder 6.0 on internet. C++ Builder is an advanced RAD IDE, where you drop components on a form, visual programming. It's the closest you're going to draw your program or use digital Lego if you like. The hardest thing is to make this same API with your own code (your own routines). Used as a shell C/C++ compiler provides a number of advanced capabilities. Far more than I can mention here. For example, you can produce an xml file or assembler of the code compiles. Very nice for those who want to learn assembler. For those of us who have used the Borland C/C++ Builder from the beginning, we know that there is no better development platform. I have even written some PDF documents on this as it would be easy to find via my signature link.

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    Re: Where can I find Borland C++

    Embarcadero is perhaps best known for Object Pascal/Delphi platform. As far as I know this is used worldwide. As far as I know, there are some people who focuses heavily on Delph. However, as we all know Skype was developed in Delphi. Embarcadero C++ Builder is probably more advanced, but the tool itself is the same for both Delphi, C++, PHP, etc. Try to build a form with components on it and look at design time how it will look out. Many other (scripting) languages such as PHP is programmed in C/C++. However please note that it is very easy to use inline assembler blocks in C++ Builder. Although I have both C++ Builder 2009 and C++ Builder 2010. But I am not sure which one is best.

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    Re: Where can I find Borland C++

    here is the download for Turbo C DOS based compiler

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