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Thread: Free scriptable software for hardware inventory ? anyone?

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    Free scriptable software for hardware inventory ? anyone?

    Hello. I am gazing for a number of software that does hardware inventory, and is capable to put it into a database of sorts (don't mind if it's mysql or access or anything). Does anybody know of such, but with no requiring buying a whole systems management system? if possible something like psinfo (sysinternals) through database features, or the similar to. It'll have to be effect via a script or command shell or such, cause I don't mean the students (working at a collage) to be bothered by it. The most significant things it'll have to do are catalog mac addresses on lan adapters, and be familiar with the netbios name of the user.So can anybody has able to suggest this kind of software. Please help me to get this solution. Thanks in advance. If possible you can also suggest the names of different software which I may not awareof.

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    Re: Free scriptable software for hardware inventory ? anyone?

    I think All-in-one Computer Inventory is a good software for which you are seeking try this. I am mentioning some of the feature here goes through this. Your PC review information in one place. Network Inventory guide features more than a few types of scanning to make sure fast & dependable computer list: agent-free examine using WMI, particular agent utility & Logon Script combination. Our PC inventory software uses exceptional network discovery method to automatically discover all your Windows nodes, Macs, Linux machines & IP powered network devices. With each scan your network is examine & summarized in detailed information with statistics on OS, devices, storage, etc.

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    Re: Free scriptable software for hardware inventory ? anyone?

    I have gazed a lot on the net for your software inventory which you need for searching of the hardware in the system which you are using. I have got a software called Enterprise Hardware Inventory it has a few nice features which may look effective and you will really likes it. I have some of its feature which I am describing below they are as follows:
    • I will easily detect all the software which you have installed in the system which yo0u are 8using in the network.
    • It also tracks the version of the software of the system and show you the information about the versions of the software so that you will easily come to know and install the latest version.
    • It will also install the date of the software which you have installed in the system of the network in such way you will have a reminder of the date of the software which you have installed.
    • It will also get you the fast inventory start-up of the software and the application as well as the security software.
    • It will also collect all the information about the operating system like type of the operating system, its service pack, its product key, and also the serial number, etc.

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    Re: Free scriptable software for hardware inventory ? anyone?

    I think this reply will help you to get the solution for the search which you are seeking for. A instrument called AuthList will do what you are searching. You can generate a List of, let’s say, servers and drop a number of columns on it. Then utilize a script to populate the data. Away from that, it will strike into multiple systems like SCCM\SCOM\Active Directory\etc and drag back data or build Lists. There's a free of charge and a pro version. You should be capable to do what you want with the free although. So go through the search on the net and download this software and you will get the desired solution in such a way. Try doing this it may be helpful to you.

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    Re: Free scriptable software for hardware inventory ? anyone?

    I have searched software called global network inventory. This is a powerful and very flexible software and hardware inventory system which you can use to audit scanner. Some of the features of this software are as follows:
    • It will scan the whole computer through IP range using its domain the single computer or may be in the group computer which is explained by this software.
    • It has the feature that it scans only those items which you need to scan through customizing scan elements.
    • The program appears with dozens of customizable reports. Fresh reports can be simply added throughout the client interface. And also it has many such features which are very effective and will really you likes.

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    Re: Free scriptable software for hardware inventory ? anyone?

    The software you are searching are easily available on the internet and you can download them. One more think I want to tell you that there are many scripts also available on the net you can use them too. After a lot of search I have got the Powershell script which has a new security characteristic that need scripts to be digitally Signed by default, So since this script is not signed automatically you will must to modify somewhat on the computer that you utilize to run the script , run powershell.exe as an administrator and nature Set-Execution Policy Remote signed this tells powershell that you don't require to ensure for digital signatures for any limited script mortal run other than do that for just for remote executed script. I extremely recommend you that you put the execution policy to All signed in a manufacture situation which is the powershell evade anyway however as this script is not signed and you desire to run it You can modify it to Remote signed, then modify it back. I think this will help you try searching this script this will work except you need to have the knowledge of the programming or the scripting which you will need to modify this script after the download.

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