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Thread: How to install NetBeans 6.8?

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    How to install NetBeans 6.8?

    I have tried many ways to install the NetBeans 6.8 but was not successful. So thought that you guys can help me in fixing my problem. Please tell me some hints that can be useful for installing the NetBeans 6.8. I was successful in installing the GlassFish v3, so you can explain me accordingly. Also please explain me any other things that are related with the topic. Expecting some quicker responses from your side.

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    Re: How to install NetBeans 6.8?

    First you should download NetBeans 6.8 at the package "Java" , which comes with GlassFish V3 and Tomcat 6. The sample project works with older versions of NetBeans (like version 6.7) but is configured for using GlassFish v3. If you wish to use NetBeans 6.7 or above (or other IDE) make sure you manually install GlassFish v3 to integrate with the IDE. If you do not have much experience, we recommend that you download NetBeans 6.8 that includes GlassFish v3 during the installation process.

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    Re: How to install NetBeans 6.8?

    NetBeans relates to a platform for developing desktop applications using Java and an integrated development environment ( IDE ) developed using the NetBeans Platform. The NetBeans Platform permits applications to be developed from a set of modular software components called modules. A module is a Java file that surrounds Java classes written to interrelate with the NetBeans Open APIs and an extraordinary file (manifest file) that identifies it as a module. Applications built on modules can be comprehensive by adding innovative modules. Because the modules can be developed autonomously, applications based on NetBeans platform can be extended simply by other software developers.

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    Re: How to install NetBeans 6.8?

    Netbeans uses a version of JDK by default. To change the JDK version you can access Tools -> Java Platforms. This place can be more than one version of JDK, and is configured by default. Platform Name = JDK 1.6 (Default). If the Platform Name, has not set a Default JDK, Netbeans generates ant tasks and the project properties files with some variations:
    In project.xml, add the tag :
     <explicit-platform explicit-source-supported = "true" />

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    Re: How to install NetBeans 6.8?

    Netbeans 6.8 version, does not bring UML plugin by default. To install it, add a new source of Netbeans plugins :
    1. In Tools-> Plugins, select the Settings tab. There are different centers Updates.
    2. Click the Add button, and in the new window enter the name "UML" or as we like, and the following URL:
    3. When you press Ok, the new Netbeans verifies and updates its data source.
    4. Now in the tab "Available Plugins", and will be available to install UML plugin.
    5. After rebooting, you can create a new UML project.

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    Re: How to install NetBeans 6.8?

    I am discussing about the changing user used in the templates.
    1. Go to Tools -> Templates.
    2. Explore the Temple Manager to 'User Configuration Properties'.
    3. Select '' and click 'Open in Editor'.
    4. You can now change or add the value you want, for example
      • user =

    Whenever a appears Template $ (user) will take the value to be set up on that property.

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    Re: How to install NetBeans 6.8?

    The NetBeans IDE is an IDE - a tool designed for developers to write, compile, debug and run programs. Written in Java - but can be used for any other programming language. There is also a significant number of modules to extend the NetBeans IDE. The NetBeans IDE is a product of free software and free with no usage restrictions. The NetBeans IDE is an open source IDE written entirely in Java using the NetBeans platform. The NetBeans IDE supports development of all types of application Java (J2SE, web, EJB and mobile applications). Among its features is a project system based on Apache Ant , version control and refactoring.

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    Re: How to install NetBeans 6.8?

    To avoid having to work on explicit path :
    In, adds: = JDK_1.5
    Version should be assigned by default: = default_platform
    In build-impl.xml, add a few lines define variables with the prefix platform, for example:
    "$ (Platform.javac)" fork = "yes”
    This statement specifies, no apparent problem in implementing the project in the pc where it is developing. When you compile the project in another PC, are errors like "Error running $ (platforms.JDK_1.5.home) \ bin \ javac compiler". Then in Tools -> Java Platforms to select the default version. If the default version is not correct, INSTALLATION_DIRECTORY edit the / etc / netbeans.conf the path of the version of JDK you want to be their default. Restart the IDE.
    # Default location of JDK, can be overridden by using - jdkhome <dir>:
    netbeans_jdkhome = / System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.5/Home

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    Re: How to install NetBeans 6.8?

    Netbeans always gets the configuration files used in the implementation of the Source Packages folder, this means that if we redefine the test new configuration files are not taken into account when running the test. To solve this problem is necessary to go to project properties, select Libraries, then go to the Run Test tab, and then add the folder containing the files you'll use for the test.

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    Re: How to install NetBeans 6.8?

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    Re: How to install NetBeans 6.8?

    You can easily install net beans on your computer, I think that it is the first IDE to offer complete support for the entire Java EE 6 spec with improved support for JSF 2.0/Facelets, you can easily search on Internet for installation process.

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    janysek Guest
    First istall JDK to use Netbeans for Java programming, you need to first install Java Development Kit (JDK).Download "NetBeans IDE" installer then Run the downloaded installer.

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