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Thread: Creating a Log-in Page With Xampp And Php

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    Creating a Log-in Page With Xampp And Php

    I am using XAMPP, the IMAP support for PHP is disabled by default, which implies some version like Windows 7 error insoluble. I would like to create a user space on my website and I do not know where to start for info : users have registered on the site via a registration form that writes the data in the mysql db. Please help, how to add login page With Xampp And Php.

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    Re: Creating a Log-in Page With Xampp And Php

    In the basic settings for Windows XAMPP PHPMyAdmin is not protected .So it absolutely necessary to close this security hole if you start networking !To do this open a text editor and change the file " " the " auth_type "

    $ cfg [' Servers'] [$ i ] [ ' AUTH_TYPE ' ] = ' config ' ;
    $ cfg [ ' Servers ' ] [ $ i ] [ ' user ' ] = 'root ';
    $ Cfg [' Servers' ] [$ i ] [' password '] = ' secret ';
    This becomes:
    $ cfg [ 'Servers ' ] [ $ i] [' AUTH_TYPE ' ] = ' http ';
    $ cfg [ ' Servers ' ] [ $ i ] [ ' user ' ] = 'root ';
    $ Cfg [ ' Servers'] [$ i ] [ ' password '] ='' ;
    Now a user and a password is required before PHPMyAdmin access the MySQL server . Before, there must be a password for root in MySQL ! Optionally for http " auth_type "a cookie may be used.

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    Re: Creating a Log-in Page With Xampp And Php

    To create a new user who's role is to manage the database glpidb , you must click on Privileges you can see the first screenshot and logo to for a little man with a padlock on his side . On the new page that should appear on your screen , you can see in the middle , the sentence Add User. Click it to bring up a new page and finally to create the user glpiuser and assign certain rights to enable it to manage the database. PHP allows the connection and sending a query LDAP, that is to say, a server to store information so hierarchical.

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    Re: Creating a Log-in Page With Xampp And Php

    You will protect the directory ldap_admin / containing pages administration of our directory . Each user wishing to access these pages must authenticate. We use the files . Htaccess. You will also define that only the user ldap_admin can access the interface Administrative forum . We will initially create the users file. Navigate to the directory ldap_admin and execute the following command to create this file ( for Linux users) :
    htpasswd - c ldap_admin.passwd ldap_admin
    Note : the name of the file does not matter. The-c option is the creation of the file . We will then have to enter a password for the user: ldap_admin authorized to access the protected directory.

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    Re: Creating a Log-in Page With Xampp And Php

    To start the program , the file header.php3, which describes the top of the interface is loaded. This same file will automatically load the configuration file . File footer.php3Used for the trailer is loaded to the end . The LDAP server is done through function ldap_connect. Then the function ldap_search can search all items type personal and display them with a loop -type "for " as a table with two additional links that correspond to the change and deletion. To change the page modifie.php3 is called. He passes a parameter value can contained in the directory, which is the name concatenated to the name.

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    Re: Creating a Log-in Page With Xampp And Php

    The PHP was conceived to create sites "live " (known as dynamic sites ). And if you want you also learn to create dynamic web sites , it is your lucky day : you 're on a course for real Beginners PHP. The key is to read the entire chapters in order. Then it goes all alone and you soon wonder what you are able to do.

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