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Thread: Mod_auth_mysql error

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    Mod_auth_mysql error

    I am going up a http server, not without spending several hours , I was a bit close to what i want. I explain: in a first time I went through authentication on my server with / etc / httpd / conf / group and / etc / httpd / conf / passwd and it worked fine. Except that no one could create their login and mdp. After that i got Mod_auth_mysql error. Please help.

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    Re: Mod_auth_mysql error

    One of the quickest ways to make authentication on the Internet is through a file htaccess htpasswd and. Ie to a file, the login and password (encrypted). The problem is that if this solution allows to easily and quickly behind a content protection authentication, it is nevertheless war thrust and scalable.

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    Re: Mod_auth_mysql error

    Anyone who identifies with Trac sees his account automatically created. It follows therefore that some assign rights to an account that has not yet had created. But then how to authenticate? This is precisely the strength of Trac: we can identify the method that you want. Initially I had gone through a htpasswd but now I want to authenticate with the username and password forum FluxBB.

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    Re: Mod_auth_mysql error

    It seems that this extension is present in version 3.8 of TYPO3, remains to know which package you have taken. For info, the extension corresponds to sv "typo3 System Services", version 1.0.0, which is part of the core typo. You need to check that the file is present in sv typo3/ext / reinstall your system and if not checked your sources.

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    Re: Mod_auth_mysql error

    In the window itself is not clear, the text you can put enough (or very) limited and I'm not even sure it is displayed in all browsers. It is better to put it on the page with a link to this part and / or the ErrorDocument end (which appears if one cancels the authentication).

    Well you can check in the doc / FAQ, ask for support, try the instructions associated with mod_auth_mysql:

    AuthName "auth"
    AuthType Basic
    AuthMySQLHost server_name
    AuthMySQLDB datab
    AuthMySQLUserTable tablename
    It AuthMySQLEnable
    AuthMySQLPasswordField password
    require valid-user

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