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Thread: What is an Advanced PHP Debugger?

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    What is an Advanced PHP Debugger?

    Hi friends,
    I have recently started with the PHP programming language. Now I am studying more about the theory than the coding part in PHP. Yet I have finished with the basic part of the coding. I am confused about an advanced debugger of the PHP, so thought that there would be someone, who would be interested in helping me.!! Please tell me what is an Advanced PHP Debugger? Help me as soon as possible.!!

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    Re: What is an Advanced PHP Debugger?

    APD is the Advanced PHP Debugger. It was written to provide opportunities for profiling and debugging code for PHP, but also the opportunity to view a complete record. APD supports interactive debugging, but by default it writes data in log files. It also happened when logging at different levels (including function calls, arguments passed, time, etc .) can be activated or not for individual scripts. APD is a Zend Extension, modifying the way that function calls, internally carried, and therefore may not be compatible with other Zend Extensions. These functions are available in the standard PHP module, which is always available.

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    Re: What is an Advanced PHP Debugger?

    In your INI file, add the following lines that are given below :
    zend_extension = / absolute / path / to /
     apd.dumpdir = / absolute / path / to / trace / directory
     apd.statement_tracing = 0
    Depending on your build of PHP, the zend_extension directive can be one of the following :
    zend_extension (non ZTS, non debug build) zend_extension_ts (ZTS, non debug build)
     zend_extension_debug (non ZTS, debug build) zend_extension_debug_ts (ZTS, debug build)
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    Re: What is an Advanced PHP Debugger?

    To build APD under Windows you must install a PHP compilation environment as described on in fact, you need Microsoft Visual C + +,, bison / flex, and d ' a little know-how to operate it. In addition, make sure adp.dsp uses new lines to DOS format, if the Unix format, Microsoft Visual C + + will complain.
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    Re: What is an Advanced PHP Debugger?

    You should also know about the Predefined Constants. The predefined constants are defined by this extension, and are only available when the extension has been compiled into PHP or dynamically loaded at runtime. The following is the list of APD constants :
    • FUNCTION_TRACE (integer)
    • ARGS_TRACE (integer)
    • ASSIGNMENT_TRACE (integer)
    • STATEMENT_TRACE (integer)
    • MEMORY_TRACE (integer)
    • TIMING_TRACE (integer)
    • SUMMARY_TRACE (integer)
    • ERROR_TRACE (integer)
    • PROF_TRACE (integer)
    • APD_VERSION (string)
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    Re: How to use PHP-APD in your scripts?

    The following are the steps that shows how to use PHP-APD in your scripts :
    1. As the first line of your PHP script, call the apd_set_pprof_trace() function to start the trace :
    2. Now run your script. The display will be written to apd.dumpdir / pprof_pid.ext. If you use the CGI version of PHP you must use the "-e" to enable extended information for ODA.
    3. To display the formatted data profiling, run pprofp with options for sorting and display of your choice. The-R option used in this example sorts the profile table by the column "Real Time", representing the time taken by the script to execute a given function. The column "cumm call" shows the number of times the function was called and the column "s / call", how many seconds each call to the function required, on average.
    4. To generate a calltree file you can import into the application of profile analysis KCacheGrind, issue the pprof2calltree command.

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