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Thread: How to add Dreamwaver MX with ASP.NET

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    How to add Dreamwaver MX with ASP.NET

    Hi all,

    ASP.NET is not common, simply because without a good editor. It experienced a tablet, VisualStudio.NET such as editor, until the emergence of Dreamwaver MX do not really achieved the degree of hand-written code. DreamweaverMX the database and web pages the perfect combination of the new web programming support is none, they supported the ASP.NET (C #), ASP.NET (VB), ColdFusion, JSP, ASP, XML, PHP, HTML is simply capable of anything. So i want to know that how to add DreamwaverMX with ASP.NET. Check and reply.
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    How to add DreamwaverMX with ASP.NET

    The establishment of ASP.NET site, Run page, the computer program must be installed on the server (IIS), to provide support for support. Therefore, you must install IIS, In the Add or Remove Programs in the add windows components can be installed. With the Internet Manager to create a new web site to point you want to put the generated page folder. Dreamwaver MX installation directory will be under the Sample \ GettingStarted \ Tutorial and the \ Samples \ Database under to just copy all the files in a folder. Check and reply.

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    How to add DreamwaverMX with ASP.NET

    Open Dreamwaver MX, click on Site, choose New Site. Dreamwaver MX supports two new site modes:
    (1) Basic: the use of wizards create, convenient and simple, preferred.
    (2) Advanced: more trouble to set the options, but are more recommended the establishment of the first with the Basic mode, and then Advanced mode to modify the basic model with the following new site:
    The first step fill in the site name, and then click next, The second step choose the site type. To determine whether to use server-side technology. As the examples used in ASP.NET so to choose the second option, and in the drop-down box, select ASP.NET. The third step is setting up a test site's properties. Select the test method as well as the release files, click next. The fourth step to set the site URL, click next. Step set up to share files, as the examples in this level debugging, select the second item, click next. and click on Done. Best of luck.

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    Re: How to add DreamwaverMX with ASP.NET

    ASP.NET comes with a lot of web components to accelerate the speed of compiled page. Dreamwaver MX comes with a tutorial with global examples to demonstrate how to use this component will be a database of data displayed. In the web page directory of the assets has in this instance the database global.mdb, our aim is to use this database location data in the table according to Region_id in different parts of the value of the output data. Check and reply.

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    How to add DreamwaverMX with ASP.NET

    You can use Repeater component to display data sets in DreamwaverMX with ASP.NET. ASP.NET data is displayed in a variety of which has a Repeater is another component. DataGrid will always be a "form" to display the data, when we want to use a more liberal approach to show a certain amount of data will be used Repeater control. You can change the original page to create a display data with the Repeater component. Be Location1.htm rename Location1.aspx. Remove the page, some part of the Central Plains, the establishment of Dataset, which screened Region_IDEnterValue = 1. Let's do it with the Repeater control, dynamic pages. Check and reply.

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    How to add DreamwaverMX with ASP.NET

    DataList component displays data sets using DreamwaverMX with DataList is a function of enhanced Repeater control, in addition to the original Repeater functions, you can also set the single-line display of data amount in mind (RepeatColumn), is option model (SelectedItemTemple), edit the item template (EditTemplate). However, the output data DataList will arrange the output in the table, while the Repeater is more loyal to the definition of model does not add any HTML tags. Check and reply.

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