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Thread: Postgresql vs Mysql database

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    Postgresql vs Mysql database

    I just wanted to know if you all can tell something on this topic.I am using Drupal 6.x on postgresql besides mysql database. Is there any major differences in terms of performance, module behavior, etc?It seems that in drupal 6 the database abstraction is termed to be able to handle postgres or other major dbms, some of the friend of mine talking the postgres support is going away for drupal 7.

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    Postgresql vs Mysql database

    PostgreSQL, is one of the database which is an object-relational database management system.It introduced with an MIT-style license and distributed under open source software.

    As the rule and functioning of the open source community,the PostgreSQL database is not controlled by a single company, but has a global community of developers and companies. It is developed under the object oriented environment.

    The postgreSQL database includes a lot of functionality like another databases as a relational database.

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    Postgresql vs Mysql database

    There are so many things can be included in comparison of two or more than two databases,It is not so easy to tell but you can measure according to their provided functionality-

    The different thing are listed here through which you can choose appropriate back end database for your application.

    1- Features
    2- Support
    3- Ease-of-use
    4- Stability
    5- Speed
    6- Existing skills
    7- Licensing

    If you look for these properties for a database then you can decide which one would be better for you to use.

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    Postgresql vs Mysql database

    If we look for the features of both databases(PostgreSQL and MySQL) then we find that PostgreSQL has the upper hand where as the MySQL stable version is not able to support the sub-queries, stored procedures, sub-queries, cursors and views but the PostgreSQL database performs all this .

    There are some serious mistakes was committed by the developers of MySQL database .They didn't include some features which is related object oriented environment like referential integrity which is partially integrated with MySQL database and they claimed that it is not so much necessary feature for this database.

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    Postgresql vs Mysql database

    You are confused about the performance of the database . MySQL provides fast accessing of the database.

    MySQL can be used in extremely heavy load and operational environments without problems. PostgreSQL's advanced facilities are much likely to be stable than the newer MySQL equivalents. However, replication is much newer in PostgreSQL than MySQL, so the reverse applies. But here again, the supposed commercialization of databases means that database stability is taken relatively for granted, and the software tends to be a lot more stable than the hardware it relies on.

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