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Thread: How to design and setup data warehouse

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    How to design and setup data warehouse

    Hi all,

    Data warehouse is a subject oriented, integrated, non-renewable, and over time the changing data sets, which used to support the enterprise or the decision-making analytical processing. I want to know that how to design and setup of data warehouse. Please help. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: How to design and setup data warehouse

    The steps in designing a data warehouse are :
    1) Select the appropriate theme (to be problem-solving domains).
    2) A clear definition of fact table.
    3) To identify and confirm dimensions.
    4) Choosing the facts.
    5) Calculate and store the fact table, derived from data segment.
    6) Rounding out the dimension tables.
    7) Choosing the duration o the database.
    8) The need to track slowly changing dimensions.
    9) Determine the priority queries and query patterns.

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    How to design and setup data warehouse

    The Steps to set up a data warehouse are:
    (1) The collection and analysis of business requirements
    (2) Establishing a data model and data warehouse physical design
    (3) define the data source
    (4) Select the data warehouse technologies and platforms
    (5) from the operational database in the extraction, purification, and conversion data to the data warehouse
    (6) Select the access and reporting tools
    (7) Select the database connection software
    (8) Select the data analysis and data display software
    (9) Update the data warehouse

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    How to design and setup data warehouse

    You can also setup the Data extraction, cleaning, conversion, and transplant in data warehouse. Check the procedure below:
    1) Data conversion tools to be from a variety of different data sources to read data.
    2) Support for flat files, index files, and legacy DBMS.
    3) Be able to enter different types of data sources for the integration of data.
    4) Has a standard data access interface
    5) The best from the data dictionary with the ability to read data
    6) Tool-generated code must be in the development environment can be maintained.

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    How to design and setup data warehouse

    Enterprise data warehouse construction, based on existing enterprise business systems and the accumulation of a large number of business data based. Data Warehouse is not a static concept, only the information needed and timely information to users for them to make decisions to improve their business operations, and information in order to play a role, the information makes sense. But the information should be summarized and re-organize, and provide timely management decisions to the appropriate staff, is the fundamental task of data warehouse. Therefore, from the industry point of view, data warehouse construction is a project, is a process. All the best.

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    How to design and setup data warehouse

    But it gives people the answer is often not satisfactory. In the use of limited computer resources there is often competition. Adding new information when we need to transactional database is idle. In answers to a series of specific issues related to information analysis, the system will deal with the validity of the new data has been greatly reduced. Another problem is that transactional data is always in dynamic flux. Decision support-type of data processing needs a relatively stable, and thus problems can be uniformly continuous answers. Check and reply.

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