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Thread: How to get effective transaction in oracle

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    How to get effective transaction in oracle

    Hi everybody,

    In oracle, data sharing has brought convenience for employees, but also produced some negative effects. The transaction in oracle not only achieve its proper role, but also greatly reduce database performance. If the database transaction execution time longer, it is likely to lead to lock conflicts, thereby reducing the performance of the database concurrent access. Therefore, I want to know that how to get effective transaction in oracle. Please suggest.

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    Re: How to get effective transaction in oracle

    In the oracle database transaction, if the implementation of the Update statement and other records of operation, the database in order to guarantee data consistency, would have access to the records they lock to prevent other users at the same time revising it. At this point, if other users need access to locked records, you have to wait. At this point the lock conflict occurs. So, as far as possible in the transaction makes the smallest amount of access to records. So you can reduce the number of rows locked, thereby reducing the conflict between transactions. Check and reply.

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    How to get effective transaction in oracle

    You can allows access to as much as possible in the transaction record of the smallest, which is considered from the perspective of the number of lock conflicts. Concise as possible while maintaining services, it is from a time perspective to avoid lock conflicts do. As much as possible to keep matters simple, the main is to require a database administrator in the preparation of affairs, do not write the transaction too large and complex. Otherwise, the transaction will be occupied in the implementation of the time are more time. A direct consequence of this is that the database will lead to certain records, or even a table lock relatively long time. Check and reply.

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    How to get effective transaction in oracle

    Oracle database system agreed by the implementation of all the elements needed. If records query, the need to update the content and so on. If the transaction the process of implementation also requires the user input, it rolls back the current transaction. When the user provides the necessary parameters, and then restart the transaction. Even in the transaction the process of implementation, the user an immediate response.So, when a user in the transaction process of implementation needs to input parameters, it would make the office occupied by the database resource to maintain a very long time. All the best.

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    How to get effective transaction in oracle

    According to my experience, the user changes the time required for the data, in fact very small. Most of the time is the change of data before the data analysis. If the location to which data needs to be changed. Therefore, I remind the database administrator, in all preparation prior to the completion of data analysis, in the user data view, do not start the transaction. In other words, when the user changes the data, is still not the best time to trigger the update transactions. Only to a user confirmation is correct, select the "Update" button at this time can only be triggered by this transaction. Moreover, the timely submission of, or roll back the transaction. So, after the review process, the transaction will not continue to occupy resources. Check and reply.

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    Re: How to get effective transaction in oracle

    As far as possible using a low-level transaction isolation level, database administrators must bear in mind that not all transactions require a serial transaction isolation level; such as the design brief affairs; such as transaction rollback, they can choose according to the actual situation in all the back-off services are either part of the transaction and so on. In addition, pay special attention to matters exclusive lock side effects. Modify the data, in order to protect the consistency of data, often need to use an exclusive lock to protect the modified line in order to prevent any other transaction to read this line, and must put an exclusive lock control to submit or to roll back the transaction. Best of luck.

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