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Thread: php operators and keywords

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    php operators and keywords

    Hello ,

    I am new for the PHP programming and need to know some common things to start my study about this language.The programming languages are being start from some different common things like- variable,keywords and operators etc.I need to know the implementation of the keywords are same as another programming and introduced with some new keywords.

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    php operators and keywords

    In different programming languages,operators plays the most important role in the manipulation and calculation on the values and .You already introduced with so many operators from different languages,the same functionality of operators are used but the syntax and implementation is somewhat different.

    The operator are listed here which is used in the PHP programming :

    1- Assignment Operators
    2- Arithmetic Operators
    3- Comparison Operators
    4- String Operators
    5- Combination Arithmetic & Assignment Operators

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    Assignment Operators in PHP

    Assignment Operators

    Assignment operators is used to assign the values in a variable.It uses the '=' symbol and the variables are on the left side and the values are tagged in the right side of the symbol.

    The values are assigned from the right to left .In this way,you can assign the a variable into the variable :

     $Value_var = 4; //  Assignment of number values 
          $First_var = $New_var; // Assignment of variables
    The first statement is assigning a number value in the variable and the second is assigning a variable into variable.

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    Arithmetic Operators in PHP programming

    Arithmetic Operators

    As the member discussed above,the arithmetic operators are used to manipulate and perform the calculation of values and variable.whenever,we requires some arithmetic operations in the logic of programming,we can simply use the required arithmetic operators .

    The meanings and examples are described below-

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    Comparison Operators in PHP

    Comparison Operators

    The comparison operator is used in the program to find out the relationship with the respective values and/or variables.It is used with the condition and the condition evaluates the result according to the given condition and operator.
    The result is internally evaluated as TRUE and FALSE.

    There are some operators which comes under this category are as follows-

    == (Equal To)
    != (Not Equal To )
    < (Less Than)
    > (Greater Than)
    <= (Less Than or Equal To)
    >= (Greater Than or Equal To)

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    String Operators in PHP programming

    String Operators in PHP :

    The string operator is mostly used in the coding of not only PHP but in so many languages.the period "." sign allocates the concatination of two strings. I am going to show you an example which contains two variable and both are having character type values and the string operator concatenates both of the variables in the different variable.

    The example is as follows :

    $string_one = "Hello";
    $string_two = "Neo";
    $cont_string = $string_one . $string_two;
    echo $cont_string . "!";
    The echo statement will produce the result as "Hello Neo".

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