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Thread: Managing password file in oracle

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    Managing password file in oracle

    Hello sir ,

    I am working on the database and I haven't used the password file earlier and Is it automatically created or manually created by authenticated user in database.Who manage this file of database.The password of whole user is controlled by administrator so now what is the existence of this file in oracle database.Is it for database to check the administrator privilege or anything else.
    Please just tell me what exactly it does.

    Thanks a lot.

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    Managing password file in oracle

    Managing password file in oracle :

    When the database administrator starts the database then the oracle also checks the privilege to start and shut down the database.The administrator password can not be stored in the database because Oracle can not detect the database before the instance is started up.

    Then in this case,the oracle checks the administrator privileges from outside of the database and uses the concept of password file.There are two mechanism is being used to allow a administrator to login and start up of database.
    1- Password file
    2- and Operating system.

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    remote_login_passwordfile paramter

    remote_login_passwordfile paramter :

    The parameter file contains this argument and this argument is used to authenticate a administrator to use and perform the database operation.It is defined with three parameters which are as follows:

    1- Shared
    2- Exclusive
    3- NONE

    These are the three parameters which defined the behavior of password file to be used by authentication methods.If the parameter is setup with shared and exclusive then the password file authentication is enabled and if None has been setup within the parameter file then it is disabled.

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    Creating password file in oracle

    Creating password file :
    The default location and name are located on $ORACLE_HOME/dbs/orapw$ORACLE_SID for LINUX and %ORACLE_HOME%\database\PWD%ORACLE_SID%.ora for windows.Now I am going to show you how to create the password file.

    The password file is created by orapwd tools of oracle database which takes the following form :

    orapwd file=password_file_name password=the_secret_password
    orapwd file=password_file_name password=the_secret_password entries=n
    Where n specifies the maximum number of DBAs and OPERs,The orapwd tool is a command line tool.

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    Adding users in password file

    Adding users in password file :

    Users are added when they are authenticated as a DBA and OPER .You can check it with the following command and statements but the SYS privileged users can execute this statement :

    SYS@ora10> select * from v$pwfile_users;

    A sys user can now grant to a user to work as a DBA :

    SYS@ora10> grant SYSDBA to jeney;

    Now if you enter the first command again then two users would be appeared with SYS privilege.

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