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Thread: How to make CSS compatible with Firefox

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    How to make CSS compatible with Firefox

    Hi all,

    I am talking about firefox that show the width of the CSS difference in browser. In fact, CSS 'width' refers to the width within the meaning of the standard CSS width of the width in firefox is this width. It contains only the width of the contents of the container. In Firefox, the contents of the container occupied by the width and padding width equal to width and border width of the browser. Please resolved the issue. Thanks in advance.

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    How to make CSS compatible with Firefox

    CSS is compatible with the main points:

    1. DOCTYPE affect CSS handling
    2. div to set margin-left, margin-right to auto already centered, IE not work
    3. body set up text-align when, div need to set margin: auto (mainly margin-left, margin-right) before the middle.
    4. Setting padding after, div will increase the height and width, but IE will not, therefore need to use! Important to set up one height and width.
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    How to make CSS compatible with Firefox

    In mozilla Firefox in the BOX model to explain inconsistencies lead to a difference of 2px solution. You can use div with margin: 30px and important margin: 28px. You can also use div margin: 30px; margin: 28px and repeat the words of the definition to perform in accordance with the last one, so we can not just write margin. Check and reply.

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    Re: How to make CSS compatible with Firefox

    You can use ul tag in Mozilla by default there is a padding value, while in IE only have a value so first define the margin. In ul set (margin: 0 ; padding : 0 ; ) will be able to solve most of the issues. With regard to the script, does not support language in the xhtml1.1 property, just make the code change <script type="text/javascript"> can be a double margin problem. Check that and reply.

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    How to make CSS compatible with Firefox

    CSS is compatible with Firefox by this mean :
    #Support! Important, IE is ignored, can be used! Important to set the style for the FF in particular
    # The vertical center div issue: vertical-align: middle; the line spacing to increase and the entire DIV as high as line-height: 200px; then insert the text, on the vertical center of the. The disadvantage is that to control the content will not wrap
    # cursor: pointer can simultaneously display a cursor in IE FF finger-like, hand only IE can be
    # Link added border and background color, the need to set display: block, at the same time set the float: left pledge not wrapped. Reference menubar, and the menubar is set to a high degree of dislocation in order to avoid the bottom edge of the display, if not set height, you can insert a space in the menubar

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