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Thread: How to use ASP to maintain the cookie

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    How to use ASP to maintain the cookie

    Hi all,

    I am programming a asp page for banking website.I use a script that is an effective way is to create a cookie can only be accessed by its domain. That is to say for instance, only have access to created cookie. Generally, this is not a problem however, if i need two different domains of the two different sites to share stored in the cookie in the user information, how to handle it? Please suggest me how to use ASP to maintain the cookie. Thanks.

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    How to use ASP to maintain the cookie

    Cookie is stored on the client computer in a small file, which means that whenever a user visits your site, you can secretly placed on its hard drive containing information about a file. This file can contain almost anything you intend to set up information, including user information, the site status and so on. In this case, there is a potential danger: such information may be a hacker to read. To prevent this problem from occurring, an effective way is to create a cookie can only be accessed by its domain. Best of luck.

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    How to use ASP to maintain the cookie

    I have some ASP code to handle cookie for maintain the cookie. Check that and reply.

    Response.Cookies ( "MyCookie123"). Expires = Date +365
    Response.Cookies ( "MyCookle123"). Domain = ""
    Response.Cookies ( "MyCookle123") ( "login") = strlogin
    Response.Cookies ( "MyCookle123") ( "Pass") = strPassword

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    How to use ASP to maintain the cookie

    datExpDate123 = Request.Cookies ( "MyCookie123")
    strDomaln123 = Request.Cookies ( "MyCookle123"). Domain
    strUsername123 = Request.Cookies ( "MyCookle123") ( "Username123")
    strPassword123 = Request.Cookies ( "MyCookie123") ( "Password123")
    To read and write cookie is very simple, the above code to create a cookie and to give cookie settings attributes: domain, expiration time, and other values stored in the cookie. Here, strUsername123, strPassword123 set somewhere in front of the variable. Then, by the following statement to read in the cookie.

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    How to use ASP to maintain the cookie

    A simple sharing of know-how is the cookie-redirect, the general process is:

    # A user clicks on any one site foe ex-
    # If the user does not the cookie, put the user is redirected to
    # If the user has the cookie, the user with a special logo redirected back to, otherwise, only the user is redirected to
    # created cookie.

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    Re: How to use ASP to maintain the cookie

    The most viable option is to establish a shared cookie ring. Will refer to the server list is stored in one place that is on backup server, so that each reference to the server and decided to redirect the user can find the next site. Remember must pass a query string to track the meaning of the original server on which the user is started. This transmission of information very quickly, this aspect is becoming increasingly feasible. Check and reply.

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