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Thread: What are JFC and Swing?

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    What are JFC and Swing?

    Hello friends,
    I am new to this forum, so please ignore my mistakes. I have just turned to Java after completing the C++ and C# programming language. I don't have any idea of Java. I have gone through the JFC and Swing in Java which I heard for the first time.!! So thought that you guys would help me in explaining these terms. Please tell me what are JFC and Swing? Expecting some help sooner.!!
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    Re: What are JFC and Swing?

    The JFC and the Swings are the basic things that should be known before starting the Java. The whole Java depends on the JFC and Swing components. JFC is short for Java Foundation Classes. This class encompass a group of features for building graphical user interfaces. While Swing is a widget toolkit for Java. Swing can be said as an API for providing a graphical user interface for Java programs. Like Java, Swing is also plat-form independent. Swing is platform independent both in terms of its expression and its implementation.
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    Re: What are JFC and Swing?

    The following are the main features of Java Foundation Class :
    1. Swing GUI Components - When you will use the buttons, panes, etc. you will have to call this method. Because this method includes everything from buttons to split panes to tables. Also there are many components in this feature that are capable of sorting, printing, etc.
    2. Accessibility API - This feature enables assistive technologies. Such technology are used for screen readers and Braille displays, to get information from the user interface.
    3. Pluggable Look-and-Feel Support - The look and feel of Swing applications is pluggable, allowing a choice of look and feel. Means you can change the looks and feels of the Java application like you use in Windows.
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    Re: What are JFC and Swing?

    Swing is a platform-independent just like the JFC. Means you can run it on any operating system without changing the codes. It follows a single-threaded programming model. Swing component model objects are responsible for providing a concise interface defining events fired. Many times you need to represent the GUI control. The object used to graphically represent the conceptual GUI control is the view component of a Swing JComponent. You can also change the looks and feels of widgets by modifying the default with the help of Swings.
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    Re: What are JFC and Swing?

    The most common Swing Packages are as follows :
    • javax.accessibility
    • javax.swing.plaf
    • javax.swing.colorchooser
    • javax.swing
    • javax.swing.event
    • javax.swing.border
    • javax.swing.table
    • javax.swing.tree
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    Re: What are JFC and Swing?

    You should also know about the properties of the Swing, so I thought to provide you some properties of the Swings. The following are the capabilities of the Swing components.
    1. You can easily display an images of the Buttons and Labels by using the Swings.
    2. The Swing allows you to easily add or change the borders drawn around most Swing components.
    3. By invoking methods or creating the subclass, you can easily change the behavior or appearance of a Swing component.
    4. Its not necessary that the Swing components have to be rectangular.

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