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Thread: Insufficient privileges error during tablespace creation

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    Insufficient privileges error during tablespace creation


    I am unable to execute a query due to some privileges error.When I issue the below command the database occurs "insufficient privileges" and statement is given below:

    CREATE TABLESPACE Org_emp DATAFILE 'Emp_file.dbf' SIZE 100M

    Why it is generating such type of error,what are the privileges is required to create a tablespace.

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    Insufficient privileges error during tablespace creation

    Insufficient privileges error during tablespace creation :

    You can create the tablespace,if you have a sufficient privileges.You can't create tablespace without the "CREATE TABLESPACE" privilege which is granted by owner of the database means Database administrator.

    If you are running as a database administrator then you not need to receive this privilege.As a owner of database you can create tablespace and drop the running tablespace also.

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    Create tablespace privilege in oracle

    Create tablespace privilege :

    The create tablespace privilege is a system privilege. According to the type of privileges :Object and system privilege .

    This(Create tablespace) privilege is used by the administrator or administrator suggested user.According to the behavior of the system, if DBA has granted any privilege with admin option then the granted privilege can grant this privilege to another user of the database. In the case,if DBA revokes the privilege from the granted user then the other user which is granted through the second user can still run with this privilege.

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    Creating tablespace in database

    Creating tablespace in database :

    To create the database tablespace,you must have sufficient privilege because you are going to make another space for the database users or for object storage.

    To create the tabelspace,execute the below command and decide the space of tablespace according to use :

    create tablespace Tabs
      datafile '/dbf1/tbsfile.dbf' 
      size 50M 
      autoextend on 
      next 32m maxsize 2048m
      extent management local;

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    Dictionary managed tablespace in database

    Dictionary managed tablespace :

    The dictionary managed is used to keep track free or used data blocks.When an extent is allocated or freed for reuse then this free space information is recorded in the SYS.FET$ table.

    Converting a tablespace from Dictionary to Local :

    SQL> exec dbms_space_admin.Tablespace_Migrate_TO_Local('tabs1');
    You can convert the dictionary managed tablespace into locally managed tablespace.
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    Locally Managed Tablespace in database

    Locally Managed Tablespace in database :

    The locally managed tablespace which manages its own extents maintains a bitmap to record the free and used space data blocks.Whenever a data block is freed to use then this space is allocated to another object of database.To create the Locally managed tablespace,change the value of EXTENT MANAGEMENT with LOCAL.

    If you need to convert a locally managed tablespace into data dictionary tablespace execute the following procedure.

    SQL> exec dbms_space_admin.Tablespace_Migrate_FROM_Local('tabs2');

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