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Thread: How to make custom software?

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    How to make custom software?

    How to make custom software? I want to have one software in which i can store many guys details and when i search the details should come up. Hope you understand my concern. Please let me know if you guys have some easy solution for it.

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    Re: How to make custom software?

    Entirely possible, I did make a telephone directory, searchable by name, city department telephone number, in addition you can enter the dates of birth of any family on a name, I was done by C sharp or C++ . In addition it runs on windows and linux. So it is a single copy. Tell us what you want and what you want to make this software.

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    Re: How to make custom software?

    Very feasible: find an agency specializing in this type of software. Often, you can not find specialists, you'll have to find a consultant. it is VERY expensive: a programmer is $ 50,000 per year, so if the program requires 3 months of programming is MINIMUM $ 15,000, and there are not the design, testing, corrections, etc..

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    Re: How to make custom software?

    Simply knowing a computer, and some easy programing languages like VB, you can achive it. In return, whether you need a program from time to time, you can do. There are many good open source software also available which can give you what you want. At the same time there may be software that already do what you want ...

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    Re: How to make custom software?

    Which programing languages you know my friend? The software you need is to be maintain database of people of which you need. You need to learn SQL and in integration with programing language such as VB,C++ and C#.

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    Re: How to make custom software?

    You need a contacts keeping application, there are plenty software available which offers this functions. Such as
    • Google Contacts,
    • Outlooks,
    • Plaxo,
    • Highrise,
    • Salesforce
    • Zoho CRM
    • SugarCRM
    • PipelineDeals

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