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Thread: How to optimize the performance?

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    How to optimize the performance?

    Well I am working in the environment of I usually work with the web applications in visual studio 2010. I have developed a small number of applications using this visual studio 2010 environment. That makes one thing for sure that I have the basic knowledge of this in visual studio 2010. The thing I am interested in knowing that How to optimize the performance? Answer to this query will surely help me to improve my performance.

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    Re: The database connection is the most important

    According to me for enhancing the performance you must consider the problems related to database access. Access to database resources need to create a connection, open connection and close connection of several operations. These processes need to exchange information with the database several times in order to pass authentication, the more consuming server resources. ASP.NET provides a connection pool (Connection Pool) to improve the open and close the database on the performance. The system will be placed to connect the user's database connection pool, if necessary remove, close the connection when the back and wait for the next connection request. Connection pool size is limited, and if the connection pool to maximize after demand the creation of connections, will greatly affect performance. Therefore, to establish a database connection only when a genuine need to operate to open connection closed immediately after use, thereby minimizing the database connection open time, to avoid excess connection restrictions.

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    Re: How to optimize the performance?

    If you are concerned with the database while enhancing the performance then you must not forget the use of stored procedure. Stored procedure is stored on the server a set of pre-compiled SQL statement, similar to DOS batch files in the system. Stored procedure with immediate access to the database functions, information processing with great speed. The use of stored procedure avoids the repeated commands to compile, after its implementation in the implementation of a plan to reside in the cache, the subsequent need for a direct call to the cache only when the binary code. In addition, the stored procedure is running on the server side, independent of the ASP.NET program, easy to modify, the most important is that it can reduce the database operation statement, the network transmission

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    Re: How to optimize the performance?

    According to me optimizing the query will surely result in the optimization of performance. ASP.NET, ADO connection consumes considerable resources, SQL statement to run longer, taking up system resources time is longer. Therefore, to make use of optimized SQL statements in order to reduce the execution time. For example, the query is not included in sub-query, make full use of the index and so on.

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    Re: How to optimize the performance?

    Mostly string operation will result in the optimization of whole query. In the connection string, we often use "+" sign to add the number directly into the string. This method is simple, you can also get the correct results, but as it relates to the different data types, numbers, through boxing operation into a reference type it can be added to the string. However, a greater impact on performance boxing operations, since during such processing will be managed heap to allocate a new object; the original value is copied to the newly created object. Use the ToString method of value types to avoid packing operations, to improve application performance.

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