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Thread: Java VS Dot Net

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    Java VS Dot Net

    I am intermediate programmer in this upgrowing programming world. I am studying/learning the programming language like C sharp, Java, SQL, .Net and PHP. I want to develop a mini project, but i am confused in which language should make it either Java or .NET? Please help to choose better and best language.

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    Re: Java VS Dot Net

    I think both are very different from each other, actually you should have mention what project you want to develop, so i would be able to tell you perfect answer. Then i would tell some points about them, that is Java is from Sun and .Net is from Microsoft. I would personally suggest you to use JAVA only. Java is more platform independent, it runs on several operating systems including Windows, Mac and Linux. And .Net is primarily for Windows. I personally suggest you to use JAVA only.

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    Re: Java VS Dot Net

    My personal opinion would be to use the Java language. The basic advantage of the Java language is that you can carry your choice of third party tools (i.e third-party IDE, application server, web server, and etc. and it does not bind you to a specific platform. In other words, it will run everywhere. And more then that Java support multi-programing and .NET support multi-languages. Hope your doubt would be clear.

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    Re: Java VS Dot Net

    I would say that Java is provided by Sun Microsystem and it is a open source, whereas the .Net is provided by the Microsoft and it is not a open source. The main idea of Java is a single language on multiple/many platforms. And main idea of .Net is is a single platform shared by multiplemany languages. I think if you have consider what is your project about then would suggest the perfect choice of which language to use. Hope your problem will be solved.

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    Re: Java VS Dot Net

    My opinion .Net framework is best compare to java for Job Requirment

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    Re: Java VS Dot Net

    According to me, Java is a platform independent, JVM(Java Virtual Machine) is only one thing that we need and JVM is present on platform as it comes by default with all operating system. Dot Net(.NET) is also consider as platform independent, because it only requires .net framework. But since Microsoft owns the copyright to the .net framework API's, it becomes platform dependent. My final wording's would be go with Java.

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    Re: Java VS Dot Net

    I think you should use the Java language only, it very easy, simple and mostly importantly platform independent. The Java is a light weight language and can be run on almost all the OS(it require less hardware). java is from Sun Micro system and it is Open source. .Net needs a very heavy framework to be installed which have higher Hardware requirements too compared to Java. The .Net is a Microsoft product and not a open source. Hope your problem will be solved.

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    star Re: Java VS Dot Net

    java is a product of sun microsystem and it is platform independent language so u can run its any where but on another side dot net is a product of MS and it can run of windows is robust compare to dot net
    so i would like to suugest u java

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