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Thread: Indexing in SQL

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    Indexing in SQL

    Hello, recently I have come to know that if you want to increase your performance in the SQL working then you must make use of the Indexing in your SQL Database Language. I don't able to know what is the Indexing exactly and why did it is used. If anyone knows then please tell me that.

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    Re: Indexing in SQL

    Index Types in SQL are as below:
    • Composite index
    • Unique Index
    • Primary key
    • Unique
    • Covering index

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    Re: Indexing in SQL

    You need to understand the working and use of the Index in the Database for understanding the Index. It is the type of data Structure which provide you support for getting random access to arbitrary data within the field. If you take example of the indices in your textbook then it is similar to the indexes in the SQL database language. If you search for the specific text in the textbook then it will be more complicated to get that text. But, if you know that it comes in the which indices then you will come to know that you will get that text in faster time. So, that is what index does in the SQL.

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    Re: Indexing in SQL

    If you want to search something which is present in the database and have been added in the index then you can simply make use of the query below to get the solution:
    SELECT address
    FROM testindexes
    WHERE (add LIKE '%pune%')

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    Re: Indexing in SQL

    Indexes can help you to get the information which is present in the database rapidly. It is possible to create a index on the single column or you can create it on the set of different columns. If you are using the table index then you can able to manage the values in the table in the specific order and use it more faster than ever. Table index consist of the pointers and those all pointers are called as per the requirement of the user and the specified in the query. For crating index you must make use of the query below:
    CREATE INDEX my first
    ON Product (Model)
    The syntax of creating indexes is changes as per the different RDBMS.

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    Re: Indexing in SQL

    You can make use of the one of the book below:
    • SQL in a Nutshell: A Desktop Quick Reference
    • Teach Yourself SQL in 10 Minutes
    • SQL: The Complete Reference, Second Edition
    • SQL Queries for Mere Mortals
    • SQL Visual Quickstart Guide

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