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Thread: How to Send Form Data to Email.??

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    How to Send Form Data to Email.??

    Hi Friends,
    I am trying to design a small website in which user can input their comments on the site and email that data to my email address. Now, my requirement is that the email address should be sent entirely from the webpage. Anyone knows what exactly to do.?? Please help me out by solving this problem. Hoping that someone will answer soon..
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    Re: How to Send Form Data to Email.??

    If you want to Send Form Data to Email, you need a send-mail application based on Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) on the Server. Also you need to have access to PHP, ASP/ASPX, etc. otherwise you won't be able to do it from the site. Some host offer the feature of a bounce back type service where you direct the form to their servers, the servers process it and send the email to the recipient. Hope that I provided some useful information to you.

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    Re: How to Send Form Data to Email.??

    I think that the HTML form data in the E-Mail inbox will be a very convenient way to collect user responses immediately. The one quick and simple way that I know is to use the "URL"in the 'action' field of the form. According to me this is the simple method. You can do this by using a Formmail Script. A formmail script is a server side script that gathers the data submitted in the form and mails it to a given email address. Hope that using the Formmail Script will fix your problem.

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    Re: How to Send Form Data to Email.??

    Even I think that using the URL in the 'action' field is the better option for Sending Form Data to Email. You can use the formmail script for this. The following code describes the use of the form mail script :
    Suppose you are using the URL http//server1/
    All you have to do is provide this URL in the ACTION attribute of your FORM tag
    Then your code will look like this :
    <FORM ACTION="http//server1/" METHOD="POST">
    .....Your input elements.....
    You can give the input elements as required within the form tags.
    Lastly insert the "Submit" button.

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    Re: How to Send Form Data to Email.??

    If you are using the PHP, here is the code for Sending Form Data to Email :

    <form method="post" action="trial.php">
    Email: <input name="email" type="text"><br><br>
    <textarea name="message" rows="15" cols="40"></textarea><br><br><br>
    <input type="submit">

    The above form will collect the user's email and message, and then pass them to the page trial.php

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    Re: How to Send Form Data to Email.??

    If you are using the IIS as the host, then you'll need to set up SMTP on the server to actually process the requests. To set up a SMTP to a host on an IIS, follow the mentioned steps :
    • First open the ISM and then do the right click on the SMTP server, then select Properties.
    • Then click the Delivery tab, then click Advanced to open the Advanced Delivery dialog box.
    • In the Smart host field, type either the smart host's Fully Qualified Domain Name or its IP address which should be surrounded by square brackets.
    • Click OK twice to make the changes.

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