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Thread: Administration of MySQL

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    Administration of MySQL

    A database can store a large amount of organized manner. A database must be able to provide any such data from queries. I am a newbie in MySql. How to check the administration of MySQL. How is it associated tables and what are the parts of this powerful application. In a short way how does it work.

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    Re: Administration of MySQL

    A database consists of tables with different names corresponding to data stored therein. There are several drivers of different tables in MySQL (MyISAM, InnoDB, MERGE, etc. ..). It is quite possible to mix engines table within a single database. Each of these tables consist of fields of different names with different properties. For example, some fields accept only letters, other than numbers or other binary data. Usually, the field size is fixed. Each of the fields contain data. Like a table.

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    Re: Administration of MySQL

    A table with multiple fields (ID_AMIS, NAME, FIRST NAME ... etc) which contain various information are called records. The field is said ID_AMIS primary key. The value of a primary key can not be duplicated - There can be several ID_AMIS with the value 1 for example. For example, one might take the NAME fields as primary key. However, this would have been a problem if several people have the same surname. This key allows you to reference the row in the table.

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    Re: Administration of MySQL

    The constraints allow to verify the validity of data. The constraints can prevent the inclusion of incorrect data. For example, an invalid date. Inserting Null in a field not accepting this value. Finally, in the case of using foreign keys, referencing data not available. Connections to a database are subject to authentication. As a general rule to connect to a database, you must have the IP address or the name of the server hosting the database, the name of the database to which you want to connect, the user of the database having the right to connect to the database and the password of the user with the right to connect to the database.

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