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Thread: How can I open a access file in Visual Basics?

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    How can I open a access file in Visual Basics?

    Hi All,

    I am designing simple Visual Basics projects. In which I need to open a access database in the visual basics. But unfortunately I am not aware about how to open a access file in Visual Basics. For this I have read some VB books,but it doesn't helpful. Please let me know how can I get solution over this problem? I am waiting for your reply.

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    Re: How can I open a access file in Visual Basics?


    I am providing the code which will open the access database file into the Visual Basics, Copy this VB code and use on your system:

    Dim AccessDemo As New access.application

    Dim allMCR As String = "Check"

    AccessDemo = CreateObject("Access.Application")

    AccessDemo.Visible = True



    End Sub

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    Re: How can I open a access file in Visual Basics?

    Hi Friend,

    I had similar outlook issue with the Html. Surprisingly the problem was in the Internet Explorer. The version of Internet explore which you are using to run Html file may cause error. To overcome this Html issue I recommend you to use Internet Explorer version 6. As Internet Explorer 6 is fully compatible with the interconnection of the Html and Outlook.

    For more detailed solution over this issue please visit below link:

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    Re: How can I open a access file in Visual Basics?


    There are mainly two ways to include access database in VB. Either you can use Data connection OR ADODB connection. You can use Data connection if you want to use the database which is created within VB. And if you want create the database connection to access database use ADODB connection.

    To open the access database using ADODB connection, you will need to provide the connection string. Below is the example of the connection string, in which connection string open the access database which has name "AccessTest.MDB":
    "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0; Data Source=\\cse1\src\AccessTest.MDB; Mode=Share ; User Id=adminst;Password=;"

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