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Thread: Display webpage in iframe

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    Display webpage in iframe


    I have created a web page using HTML. Now my problem is that I want to display a webpage in the iframe that is inline frame. Instead of displaying the link i want to display the webpage in iframe. Is it possible by any mean and if the answer is yes then pass me the code to do the same.

    Thanks in advance..

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    Re: Display webpage in iframe

    Just enter this code into you html editor. It will help you out to display the code in iframe.
    1. window.onload=function()
    2. {
    3. if(top.location.href.indexOf('inlineframe.html')== -1)
    4. {
    5. location.href='inlineframe.html'
    6. };
    7. };

    Hope it will work

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    Re: Display webpage in iframe

    I actually don't know how to do that but i will suggest you one thing increase the size of the the iframe so that a webpage can display into it without showing any link of it so do this will help you out. Just set the size of the the iframe to 800px so that your web page will fit into it.

    Try this and let me know it will work

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    Re: Display webpage in iframe

    iframe is acronym as the Inline Frame. It basically define other document inside its frame. Here is the syntax for the iframe
    • <iframe src ="Inline.htm" width="50%" height="100">
    • <p>Inline Frame.</p>
    • </iframe>

    But the HTML 4.1 does not support iframe.

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