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Thread: Terms of .Net Framework

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    Terms of .Net Framework

    I am learning Microsoft's .Net Framework. As a newbie some terms in it are sometime really hard to determine and distinguish between some terms. They are like common language runtime, Common Type System, Common Language System, Intermediate Language, etc. Also I am looking for a basic description on today's .net technology used. Thanks in advanced.

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    Re: Terms of .Net Framework

    The. NET is a platform that in which you can simply work on developing any applications. Here you can also give a good approach to the Web designing tool and Windows. It also gives you a better environment for object-oriented programming. This includes the object code which is stored and launched form the local point but the same is bifurcated all over the internet. In the same it also gives out a good and better environment in which you can run codes and also take care the code is executed more securely with the code which is created by any third party source.

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    Re: Terms of .Net Framework

    The Compact Framework. NET is the light version. NET Framework is aimed at developing mobile applications on Pocket PC and Smartphone. Since the microprocessor of a mobile device is far less powerful than a desktop computer with more memory rather limited, Microsoft had to find solutions to ease up. NET Framework. To achieve this, it was necessary to remove all features that are useless on a mobile device, such as impressions. All redundant functions have been removed, i.e if there were 3 ways to make a given thing in programming. NET Framework, there is only one way with the Compact Framework. NET.

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    Re: Terms of .Net Framework

    The common language runtime is a type of secure execution environment. This environment supports a powerful way of writting several codes with many other language support like c#, vb, etc. Here you can not only manage but develop and deploy a number of applications. In the way the classes are defined in many languages they use to communicate with each other you need to provide a set of common data. This is the actual purpose of CTS.

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    Re: Terms of .Net Framework

    CLS is a subset of the CTS that each language. NET is supposed to bear. A program that uses the types of CLS may interact with another program. NET written in another language. It is thus possible for example C # class that inherits a class VB. NET. All Programs. NET before being deployed are built in a low-level language or intermediate language called Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL): the IL code is then compiled into native code at run time. This means that whatever the language used in your program, your executable's and DLLs are always made in the form of IL code, so there is no difference between a component written in C # and VB. NET.

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