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Thread: Socket programming: Is any new Programming Language?

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    Socket programming: Is any new Programming Language?

    Hi friends, I am a student of first year engineering. One of my cousin joint as a socket programmer and he told me that he had done socket programming due to which he got this job. So, can anyone tell me what exactly socket programming? It is a programming language or something else? I can't ask him as I don't know what he will think about me as I am a student of engineering? Can anyone tell me little bit about it?

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    Re: Socket programming: Is any new Programming Language?

    Hi, you don't know Socket Programming, then nothing to worry. It use to connect one computer with another. Suppose, you want to create a application which may be open Network Socket of other Computer. You need to know it. It includes Demultiplexing, Byte Ordering, Conversions etc. It is not that much simple work as you need to know many thing which are related to the networking. Some topics are easy also, but not all. One simple thing can you do if you don't know anything about particular thing, just google it, you will get lots of things.

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    Re: Socket programming: Is any new Programming Language?

    Hi, I also wanted to know about this socket progamming. I have got many books regarding it. But unable to know how to use it, as it seems to be difficult to use. It needs lots of knowledge about the networking and It is not so simple to learn all basics of networking. If you got something which will help you to know from basic. Then reply me. If I am able to get from which you can learn it, I will give you that.

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    Re: Socket programming: Is any new Programming Language?

    Hi, for knowing socket programming you first need to know what is socket? It simply as interface between an application process and transport layer. Through an application process you can send as well as receive messages from other application process, which can be on remote machine also, via a socket. There are basically two types of Internet Sockets available as Stream Sockets and Datagram Sockets. Sockets help application process to communicate with each other using standard Unix file descriptors. For getting more knowledge you can refer to the reference books:

    • Unix Network Programming, volumes 1-2 by W. Richard Stevens.
    • TCP/IP Illustrated, volumes 1-3 by W. Richard Stevens and Gary R. Wright

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