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Thread: Learning C# fluently like a pro!

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    Learning C# fluently like a pro!

    Hi All,

    I just needed some advice I have started learning C# on my own. And I would like to get very good in practical application of C# object oriented concepts.
    How could I get there?...Can anybody suggest what they did?
    I am also looking at joining NIIT C# course......Would that help in getting expertise on real life application....Has anyone joined NIIT before. Pls advise.


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    Re: Learning C# fluently like a pro!

    I would advice you to first learn C and C++. C is easy to learn for the basics. But there are a lot of complex stuffs which you need to learn, so i would recommend you to join some class. No institute can teach if you don't understand and ask them. The sequence is C > C++ > Java > C#. I hope this helps...

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    Re: Learning C# fluently like a pro!

    Csharp is a Object Oriented Programming (OOP) language. Csharp inhabits the same C++ object oriented systax. Csharp includes many features of C++ and Java. It used for designing applications for Microsofts .Net platform. Its systax have a similarity with those of Java. Thus it will be very helpful for you to first learn C++ and Java andget the basics for Csharp very firm.

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