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Thread: Best VBulletin Mods

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    Best VBulletin Mods

    I am looking for VBulletin Mods. What are the BEST VBulletin mods which really add to the functionality and efficiency. Any recommendations and suggestions are appreciated.

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    Re: Best VBulletin Mods

    VaultWiki is a product written for the vBulletin forum software that adds a forum-based Wiki system.VaultWiki is a professional, affordable wiki product written for the vBulletin forum software. Basically imagine MediaWiki if instead of bridged, it was completely rewritten explicitly for vBulletin. And this is the (extremely) Lite version of that.

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    Re: Best VBulletin Mods

    VB Welcome Headers is one of the best vbulletin mods. This is a cool one that supposedly increases the rate at which members join. welcome headers plugin creates a 5-part set of conditionals to better introduce members to your community while pushing them to register, activate or post.

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    Re: Best VBulletin Mods

    VBFixer is designed for vbulletin forums users, This script check the database of the vbulletin forum for missing table or field and fix it. In case the table or the field is exsit but not identical with the last vbulletin database specification, vbfixer will change the field specification to be identical with the same filed specification in the latest vbulletin database.

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