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Thread: Maemo 5 Desktop Widget UI Guidelines v1.1

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    star Maemo 5 Desktop Widget UI Guidelines v1.1


    Came across these useful guidelines for Maemo 5 Desktop Widget UI on the forum nokia site. This document explains how to build consistent and user-friendly desktop widgets following the design philosophy, interaction model, and visual look-and-feel of Maemo 5. This is the link for details...

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    Re: Maemo 5 Desktop Widget UI Guidelines v1.1

    Compared to Maemo 4, the Hildon 2.2 UI Style in Maemo 5 is much more optimized for finger usage in small mobile device displays. The application uses a custom user interface specifically designed to fit in with the Maemo 5 style. When the focus in design moves from stylus oriented user interface (UI) to finger optimized user interface, the reduction of the amount of visible elements in the UI becomes first priority. Part of the projects goals is to help KOffice mature its loading and rendering of MSOffice documents. This means that unlike typical desktop applications, most of the functionality is not provided in a single view, but instead there are more views and each view is optimized for a single use case only. It is also important to point out that all contributions to KOffice have been made directly inside the KOffice subversion repository. By default, the UI elements in Maemo 5 should be designed as “Finger size”. This means that on average, a view can contain fewer visible UI elements. To compensate this, views and dialogs can be designed to support panning, allowing for larger amount of UI elements in total. However, panning is not an ideal design solution for all use cases.

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    derrik Guest

    Maemo 5 SDK Updated

    Hi again,

    Do we all know that The Maemo 5 SDK has been updated to provide developers with features of sending via Bluetooth technology and email, as well as improved documentation that will be of interest to MMS developers.

    For developers who have already installed an earlier version of the SDK, the update can be obtained using the apt package management tool in scratchbox.

    The SDK includes all the tools developers need to write, test, compile, and package for distribution Maemo 5 software on a Linux based computer.

    The Maemo 5 SDK enables development of applications by the use of Qt and GTK+.

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