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Thread: Add a menu button to SMF custom template

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    Add a menu button to SMF custom template

    Hello ,

    Requesting your help I'm newbie in PHP. I installed smf and the smf gallery and put a custom template on smf now i would like to find the code to put a menu button for gallery in the custom template and I want to know where in the current code on the custom template that I should change.

    Thank you for the help

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    Re: Add a menu button to SMF custom template

    It is possible to put more links to the menu by opening up index.template.php file of your theme, and looking the template_menu the entire template_menu function, or at least from The [home] button to the last one, and inform me what you need the new link to say, and where to link to, and after or before what link

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    Re: Add a menu button to SMF custom template

    I had the same problem, and I was able to get this done adding like four buttons. I don't have the link anymore, but if you go to the SMF and search for menu add, or menu link you will find a page where properly you can add the button. Its quite easy, and I don't have the link. If I find it meanwhile I will update the thread

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    Re: Add a menu button to SMF custom template

    Hi there,If you put your new buttons to the string, do you still do part 2 or is that it? So this is the reason why I say to keep the two ways entirely separate. The obvious to you is not the obvious to many of us.I also add the name gallery to the array.I noticed that other buttons have this $txt[182] with variations of numbers within the [].

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