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Thread: How to make Inter Thread Communicate with each other

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    How to make Inter Thread Communicate with each other

    How to make Inter Thread Communicate with each other, design pattern and implementation details of coding a system that allows for simple and efficient inter-thread communications from the perspective of a design pattern approach. What are all the methods used for Inter Thread communication and what is the class in which these methods are defined?

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    Re: How to make Inter Thread Communicate with each other

    Multi-threaded code has a reputation for being difficult to write and prone to deadlocks, race conditions and unpredictable behaviors. After understanding that threads can collide with each other, and how you keep them from colliding, the next step is to learn how to make threads cooperate with each other. While this remains true if you are forced to handle locking yourself, Foundation provides all the tools you require to manage typical multi-threaded situations so that you can avoid the risks of locks entirely.

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    Re: How to make Inter Thread Communicate with each other

    Although this seems a bit strange at first—to have something that's exclusively for threading as part of the universal base class—it's essential because they manipulate the lock that's also part of every object. The IPC part aims at making the processes communicate each other with a mechanism which is very similar to the Linux's pipe mechanism where the processes send data to each other through a FIFO structure in memory. As a result, you can put a wait( ) inside any synchronized method, regardless of whether that class extends Thread or implements Runnable.

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    Re: How to make Inter Thread Communicate with each other

    A lot of multi-threaded code uses a careful system of locks, synchronized sections, volatile variables and atomic operations to allow single objects to be accessed simultaneously from multiple threads. One thing you should try is go into global config or privilege exec and type in 'IP routing' command.

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