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Thread: Code area of the dreamwaver pages are grayed out

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    Code area of the dreamwaver pages are grayed out

    I have design the main page that is Index.html and sends a links to the other pages that is to the About Us and Contact Us, this all I did almost a week ago, and yesterday when I open the same file to make some changes in its design it does not allow me to do so, all the codes are seemed to be block, How do I open that block on the code, Please help me.

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    Re: Code area of the dreamwaver pages are grayed out

    The pages where created with Dreamweaver Templates. What you need to do is detach the code from the template. I think you're opening file that linked to a template. You need to edit the template, or save that file to another name. Or move the file out of the "site", then re-open it.

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    Re: Code area of the dreamwaver pages are grayed out

    One of the reasons the code could be grayed out in "Design" mode is that the source code is referencing an outside source, such as a style sheet. Templates are a great way to maintain consistency across a website. Static HTML pages have for the most part been edited on a page by page basis - until the advent of Dreamweaver. Look at the source and see if you can find a reference to another document such as a style sheet or javascript.

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    Re: Code area of the dreamwaver pages are grayed out

    Are the style sheet and the document relative to each other as they are on the server? The doc must be able to know where the css is. Open up Dreamweaver and start a new page. Before you make any changes, modifications or write any code, save this page as a dreamweaver template. omfg really that will be good to remember i never use them for the same reason and css = better

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