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Thread: Unable to use Object groupwise d124 error

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    Unable to use Object groupwise d124 error

    Each time I attempt to Proxy another person, I receive this 'GroupWise Error D124' Access Denied. I have looked up this error in the knowledgebase, but have been unable to find a solution that will actually do something. Looked the details for the error code on Novell site and through the web, but no luck.

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    Re: Unable to use Object groupwise d124 error

    This error occurs when the resource owner loses access to the resource when moving a resource. Verify that no users are proxied into the users box.
    Go to | Tools | Options | Security | Proxy Access |. In the 'Access List' note each users specific rights to this mailbox. If any user is listed twice, remove both entries for the user. Click 'OK'. Access rights are permissions provided to access a file or directory according to the security policy. you don't need outlook to connect to the GW store at all, right?
    Go to | Tools | Options | Security | Proxy Access |. Re-add the user that was listed twice. Give this user the appropriate rights. Click 'OK'.
    Login to GroupWise as a user that does not have rights to this user's mailbox. Verify that you can not proxy into the user's mailbox.
    If Option 1 did not work, proceed to Option 2.

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    Re: Unable to use Object groupwise d124 error

    The problem is not integration, rather squabbling versions of MAPI/WMS, In ConsoleOne, browse to and select the Resource object, then click Tools > GroupWise Utilities > Mailbox/Library Maintenance. Select Reset Client Options in the Action drop-down list.

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    Re: Unable to use Object groupwise d124 error

    From the user's mailbox - tools-->Options-->Security - third tab over PROXY ACCESS. Each user sets up who/what other users can see. I tested it so others could only see my calendar and that worked like a charm. I ran into the same problem when 2 of my customers merged. One is using Groupwise as their mail system, and the required company uses exchange as their mail server.

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