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Thread: Is there any tool called BIOS Programmer

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    Is there any tool called BIOS Programmer

    I was wondering if there are anything for reprogramming BIOS or a BIOS Programmer available online? Can a new Bios be plugged in a old bios or so? If so then can anyone give me a link or some information about it? Thank you
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    Re: Is there any tool called BIOS Programmer

    Here's a Guide on BIOS Programmer:
    It will give you all the information regarding to BIOS and its reprogramming.

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    Re: Is there any tool called BIOS Programmer

    The BIOS can be reprogrammed using a modern EPROM programmer - most technicians don't have this tool - or using a working motherboard as a BIOS programmer.

    • Turn on the good motherboard and boot it with the floppy (of course you will need to install CPU, memory, VGA etc to this motherboard for it to work).
    • At the DOS prompt, remove the good chip and replace it with the erased chip (more on this below). Yes, with the computer turned on.
    • Run the programming software and reprogram the bad chip.
    • Turn off the computer, remove the reprogrammed chip and install back the original (good) chip.
    • Install the reprogrammed chip on the "killed" motherboard and test it.
    • The defective motherboard should be working now.
    • Use data recovery and antivirus software on the hard disk from the attacked PC, since it will be infected.


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    Re: Is there any tool called BIOS Programmer

    There is a FLASH BIOS programmer software for BIOS chip. So for that have a look at this :

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