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Thread: Wake on LAN script

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    Wake on LAN script

    I want kind of vbscript by which i can remotely wake my machine on LAN. I know about the various software but i don't want to use them, i want to do it by running script by myself. Any ideas?

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    Re: Wake on LAN script

    I also have this need, i always use WOL.EXE command line utility. You can download it from here . You just need to give the MAC address of a remote system. As its description is given it broadcasts a "Wake On LAN" packet to the Network Interface Card (NIC) with the specified MAC address. The MAC address may optionally be followed by the IP address of the network adapter that should broadcast the packet. To find your MAC address, run the MSINFO32.EXE tool that is part of Windows. Navigate to Components > Network > Adapter.

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    Re: Wake on LAN script

    Refer t this thread :
    Hope this will help.
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    Re: Wake on LAN script

    Hope you have MAC addresses to process, you can do that with a "for /f" command , this command will read a file line by line and put the words found in the lines into variables ,enter "help for" in a command window for details.

    So below code should do :

    @echo off
    :: *** The file with the mac addresses to process:
    set MacFile=C:\Temp\maclist.txt
    for /f %%a in ('type "%MacFile%"') do ECHO wakeonlan.exe %%a
    Replace "wakeonlan.exe" with the command line application of your choice, and add other parameters, if necessary. Use "%%a" where you would normally put the machine's MAC address.

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