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Thread: Hierarchical Structure of Files

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    Hierarchical Structure of Files

    How to build a Hierarchical Structure of Files in C programing...! Does anyone know how to build a hierarchical file structure in this....??? I am indeed need this one please help...

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    Re: Hierarchical Structure of Files

    Definition :

    A hierarchy is an arrangement of items, in which the items are represented as being "above," "below," or "at the same level as" one another. Computer files in a file system are stored in an hierarchy of directories in most operating systems. In object-oriented programming, classes are organized hierarchically; the relationship between two related classes is called inheritance. A hierarchy can link entities either directly or indirectly, and either vertically or horizontally.

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    Re: Hierarchical Structure of Files

    The more it is used an operating system the more archives will be created. It is natural in the group of archives in directories so that we pruned to classify and to subdivide our activities. For example, we can have two important activities in the system, write programs in C and the marked Language of of hypertext HTML. Therefore after entering the suitable system that we can make sub directories, i.e. :

    % cd
    % pwd
    % mkdir C HTML
    % mkdir C/src C/bin
    % mkdir HTML/src HTML/images
    % ls -l
    drw-r--r-- 1 lgm 512 Nov 24 18:00 C
    drw-r--r-- 1 lgm 512 Nov 24 18:00 HTML
    Note: We can use file name (i.e. src) many times as the file name is complete path from ground of the filesystem.
    For example, the file name for the HTML/src path is:
    and the C/src path is: /Cusers/staff/lgm/C/src

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