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Thread: How to install Turbo C++

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    How to install Turbo C++

    I have the C++ setup file, its a zip archive , i extracted it in my C drive, but i can't find the C++ GUI to run. May be i'm doing some mistakes in installation procedure, that's why i'm here . Please give the correct way to install Turbo C++ . Thanks for any help.

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    Re: How to install Turbo C++

    There is nothing like installation, yeah if you having zip archive, you just need to extract it, as you have done. And now run the TC.exe from the Extracted folder and you have done. The compiler is the file named TC.EXE. Don’t confuse it with the TC shortcut! Simply double click on that and the compiler will run.

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    Re: How to install Turbo C++

    Yeah aftab is right, the path to TC.exe is C:\ ---> Turbo--->Bin--->TC , also see this thread :

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    Re: How to install Turbo C++

    Use the Borland TurboC++ , its really good. You can install it using the exe file, There are newer GUI/IDEs also available for Turbo C++.

    Download this Turbo C 3.0 : This is a free C++ compiler from Borland. It comes with an IDE and debugger.

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    Re: How to install Turbo C++

    I dont have knowledge about computer but i try to learn... is turbo c++ 3.0 is compatible in window xp? and how can i run it? can you please give me a complete instraction?

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    Re: How to install Turbo C++

    Yes this is completely possible to run the Windows XP with the Turbo C++ 3.0. To run the same you have to go with the below given instruction which will help you with the same. So if you can then go through the instruction and work with the Turbo C++ 3.0

    • Download the Turbo C++ 3.0
    • Extract the zip files to
    • Double Click on Install.exe
    • Press Enter to continue
    • Enter the Source drive(i.e. C)
    • Press Enter to continue
    • Enter the Source path (i.e. \TURBOC)
    • Press Enter to continue
    • Specify the Turbo C files copy location
    • Start Installation
    • Press Enter
    • Go to installation and click on TC.EXE to launch for first time

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    Re: How to install Turbo C++

    i do all your instraction except the last part... i dont know how to go to installation and find the tc.exe... please give me some info...

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    Re: How to install Turbo C++

    Below are the instructions for downloading and installing v2.01 of the Borland Turbo C:

    1. Search and download the zipped Free Turbo C Compiler from google.
    2. Go to where you downloaded the file, and double click on the self-extracting file (turboC.exe) in Windows to extract it. This will bring up a WinZip Self-Extractor window (you do NOT need WinZip installed on your machine).
    By default, this will extract the files to C:\tctemp directory. You may designate a different location.
    Hit return to extract the files.
    3. Exit the WinZip Self-Extractor window (by hitting return twice).
    4. Once the files have been extracted, go to the directory c:\tctemp (or wherever you put the unzipped files), and double click on the file called install (it may be called install.exe).
    5. This will step you through the installation.
    * Hit enter to start the installation
    * Select the drive where the unzipped file are. The default is "A", so you should enter "C".
    Then hit return.
    * Hit return, again. This installs from the directory, \tctemp.
    * Hit return, again. This says to Install Turbo C on a Hard Drive.
    * Use the Up/Down arrow keys (hit the up arrow once) to select Start Installation, and then hit return, again.
    * At this point, the v2.01 Turbo C compiler is installed in C:\TC. That is where the tcc.exe executable is.
    6. That's everything, but you must add C:\TC to your executable search path. The easiest way to do this:
    * Bring up an MS-DOS window.
    * Position the cursor on the title bar of the MS-DOS window and right-click.
    * This pops up a menu. Click on Properties.
    * At the top of the window, click on the Program folder.
    * In the middle field, labeled Batch file:, enter the following:


    (This assumes that you unzipped the files into C:\tctemp.)
    * Click OK at the bottom of the window.
    * Close the MS-DOS window

    7. Now you're done! Try it out by creating a small C program and compiling it.

    * Bring up the MS-DOS window in the same way as you did above. (NOTE: You must close the first MS-DOS window.)
    * Type tcc and hit return. You should see a usage message. describing all the many compiler options.
    * Now create, compile, and run the Hello World! program.

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    Re: How to install Turbo C++

    thanks for that info... i will try that later and i will inform you if its gonna work...

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    sad Re: How to install Turbo C++

    I was not sucessful in installing Turbo C++ in my window7. Please help me how can i install in my computer.

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    Re: How to install Turbo C++

    Quote Originally Posted by Anum View Post
    I was not sucessful in installing Turbo C++ in my window7. Please help me how can i install in my computer.
    Assuming that you have already downloaded Turbo C++ on your pc, there is also an additional software called DOSBOX that you will have to install in your pc. Check which bit version the operating system is installed in your pc whether the 64 bit or 32 bit and then accordingly download the Turbo C++.

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