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Thread: Building WordPress template theme

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    Building WordPress template theme

    Hi, i have a very small query. I am having a wordpress for which i need to create a theme. I have heard somewhere that we can make it our self but to be frank, i am not at all aware of doing so. Could you guys please make me know how to build WordPress theme ? help will be appreciated.

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    Re: Building WordPress template theme

    Here is the article about developing or designing your own WordPress Theme. Just go through:-

    Prior to diving into the Wordpress code, we have a few things to make sure we have all straightened out and ready to go. For this tutorial, so as not to pick on anyone else, I'll be using my own blog as an example.Here's what we need:

    A Design - While some folks undoubtedly code their designs directly into a Wordpress theme, we're going to make things a bit simpler and start with a design coded in beautiful HTML and CSS. For your first couple of integrations (or your first and last), I recommend starting with your design already coded. It doesn't have to have all the Wordpress features added in (as you'll see in my example). The most important thing is to have the layout setup and ready to go. While you can do a design in tables, I highly recommend using CSS. For this particular example, we'll be starting with a finished design, coded in CSS and XHTML.

    A Wordpress Installation - Be sure you have the lastest version of Wordpress installed and we're ready to go.

    Experience with CSS - While not required, having a basic knowledge of CSS will go a long ways in making those extra changes and customizations that come to mind as you assemble your theme. For the sake of this tutorial, I'll make no assumptions about your knowledge of CSS, but will encourage you to have a knowledge nonetheless

    A Sense of Humor or Patience or Both - Occasionally when dealing with Wordpress and CSS, things don't go quite as expected. For those of you familiar with CSS and/or PHP, you know that it can be the tiniest little bug that can make everything seem to go crazy. When the bugs pop up, get out the fly swatter and patiently take care of it or, if you're unable to squash it, call in the exterminators.

    Now, while there are some out there who know all the Wordpress template tags off the top of their head (I'm not quite there yet), for the rest of us it helps to have a place to start. In a best case scenario, you just pull out your already prepared Wordpress theme, loaded with all the features you like to use, and simply replace the existing style sheet with your own.

    To get started, copy the "default" theme from your Wordpress installation (located in wp-content/themes/) and paste it in a new folder along with a copy of your design. You do these steps anyway you like, but I find it helps to keep things organized. Here's how my folder looks:

    For more info click here

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    Re: Building WordPress template theme

    Basically themes are made up of a collection of PHP templates, style sheets, images, and JavaScript files.Each Theme may be different, offering many choices for users to take advantage of in order to instantly change their website look.Template files are the building blocks of your WordPress site. They fit together like the pieces of a puzzle to generate the web pages on your site. Where all themes are bundled together in one directory, and uploaded to the WordPress themes directory, which is in wp-content/themes. An administrator selects the theme from the site dashboard.

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    Re: Building WordPress template theme

    Thanks for the quick and helpful replies friends. That is all i wanted. As its very long tutorial, i need to go through carefully. I'll be back to you all guys if i can not get anything out of this tutorial. Help appreciated. Thank you !!!

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