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Thread: Tooltips that stay open

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    Tooltips that stay open

    i am not goog in coding also have not much knowledge about it but i need help regarding Does anyone know as the mouse hovers how to set a tooltip to stay open for long time ? any one know ?
    thank you

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    Re: Tooltips that stay open

    try this

    ToolTipManager.sharedInstance (). SetInitialDelay (n);


    private void btnNewRound_MouseHover(object sender, EventArgs e)
    toolTip1.Show(".............", btnNewRound, 30000);

    Stays up for 30 seconds

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    Re: Tooltips that stay open

    Gets or sets the period of time the ToolTip remains visible if the pointer is stationary on a control with specified ToolTip text.

    Visual Basic (Usage)

    Dim instance As ToolTip
    Dim value As Integer

    value = instance.AutoPopDelay

    instance.AutoPopDelay = value


    public int AutoPopDelay { get; set; }

    Visual C++

    property int AutoPopDelay {
    int get ();
    void set (int value);


    public function get AutoPopDelay () : int
    public function set AutoPopDelay (value : int)

    check here

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    Re: Tooltips that stay open

    It is possible to pass options to the method simpletooltip in the form of an associative array:
    • margin used to define the minimum distance between the edge of the window and the tooltip in pixels. (5 by default)
    • effect determines the animation that will use jQuery to display the tooltip (Integrated effects jQuery ).
    • click, set to true, it can open the tooltip to click. (false by default)
    • delay, in seconds, helps delay the disappearance of the tooltip to rollout. (0 default)

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