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Thread: How to print html page with the print dialogue

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    How to print html page with the print dialogue

    When I surf, for creating a stand alone web page for a kiosk and want to print out coupons. sometimes I see a small "printer" icon with word "print" beside it, usually it is placed at the bottom of the page. If I clicked it, a "Print" dialog box will open. Is there a way to disable this box or tell the page which printer to print to?

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    Re: How to print html page with the print dialogue

    The JTextComponent class provides support for printing text documents. The JTextComponent API includes methods that allow you to implement both basic and advanced printing tasks. When a MIME/HTML message is printed from within the document, and the User Preferences browser option is set to use the default operating system browser, the Windows print dialog box will be displayed.

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    Re: How to print html page with the print dialogue

    JavaScript has no idea of what printer it would need to send the output to since it has no access to see what printers are installed on the computer.I've yet to see a way to do it, but then again I wouldn't do it in the first place. What if your user wants to use a printer other than his/her default?

    using HtmlPrinter;
    hpObj=new HtmlPrinter.HtmlPrinter();
    This has to already be implemented in your javascript. This is why it's giving you that page with the html. Find the print() function and delete it from your javascript.

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    Re: How to print html page with the print dialogue

    If you print from an open document, the HTML content is retrieved through the browser. The Windows print dialog box is displayed. If the default implementation of the Printable object does not meet your needs, you can customize the printing layout by overriding the getPrintable method to wrap the default Printable or even replace it altogether. If you know php, then you could make it so that the form data is 'sent' and displayed on a new page.

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