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    Membership provider in

    I am planing to implement a membership provider on my web page. We have a multiple users. I want to launch a membership service for them so that only my users can access my website completely and enjoy other privileges. Before starting I want some guidelines to perform the above action. By referring some materials and code example I can collect more confident and information. Any suggestion related to this topic is really appreciated. Thanks

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    Re: Membership provider in

    The design and structure of an software is an important part for its reliability. Here I am posting you some guidelines to implement the membership service on a web page. By the below sample your web page can validate and create a user. Now look at the below code sample and place it in the web.config file. It contains DBMembershipProvider Assembly. This one is the starting point of membership service in you web server.

    <membership defaultProvider="DBProviderMembershipProvider">
                       <add name="DBProviderMembershipProvider"
                        description="DB Provider membership provider" />

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    Re: Membership provider in

    You can use an ready made and automated service called xml membership provider. It is designed for 2.0. Well comes with a SqlMembershipProvider and ActiveDirectoryMembershipProvider. This two option makes user authentication and authorization an easy task to perform. Now instead of that I am giving you a much more simple solution. It is like and plug and play device. Just download the code and place it. You can also refer the structure of this code to get an idea about how to implement the service. Click below to download.

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    Re: Membership provider in

    Here by this service your users can create a user name and password in your website. It is facility which enables a user to setup an account with the website. The SQL server database is an priority need in the membership thing which will used to store the information of user. There is also a method in this by which a question will pop up in case the user forgets the password. The steps are as follows :
    • In your web.config file go under <system.web> and create a <membership> element.
    • Then create <providers> element under the <membership>
    • Now add a <clear/> element to clear the collection of user which will act as a child to provider.
    • Now create <add/> under clear. Put the listed attributes : name, type, connectionStringName, applicationName, enablePasswordRetrieval, enablePasswordReset, requiresQuestionAndAnswer, requiresUniqueEmail, and passwordFormat

    Then the second part to set the security service which will accept user name/password.
    • Go to configuration file. Add <bindings> element under the <system.ServiceModel>. Then add wsHttpBinding to the binding section.
    • Then you will need to set the mode attribute of <security> to message.
    • Then set the clientCredentialType of <message> to username. Specify the username's and password.

    Then the last part to configure a service by which the user can use membership provider
    • First add <behaviour> to the <system.serviceModel> as a child.
    • Then to the section of <behaviors> element add a serviceBehaviors.
    • Set the name attribute to an appropriate value by adding a behavior element.
    • Then to the <behavior> element add <serviceCredentials>.
    • Then to <serviceCredentials> element add a userNameAuthentication.
    • Now finally set the userNamePasswordValidationMode attribute to MembershipProvider.

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