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Thread: How to backup e-mail horde

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    How to backup e-mail horde

    I installed horde in a mail server and I want to backup all configuration in order to migrate it to another server. I already installed horde in the new server and copy the data base located in /var/lib/mysql. Can anyone know how to migrate all the email messages

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    Re: How backup e-mail horde

    Horde is an open source email program that some web hosts include in their service. It is runs on the web server not on your computer. Not only does this free up system resources but it is available on any computer you are using.

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    Re: How to backup e-mail horde

    copy any config files in the different config subfolders. one is in the main horde installation and then there is for each module a separate config. your SMTP server is configured to rewrite addresses on send.

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